DIY No Sew Pearl Headband


Follow this simple tutorial to learn how to make a no sew pearl headband. In just five steps, you will create a beautiful, versatile DIY pearl headband. With just three different  products from My Sunshine Shoppe, you can create a fun hair accessory in under 10 minutes. This headband is great for daily wear, for special occasions, or even to give as a homemade gift! Mix and match styles and colors of beads and elastic for a wide variety of looks. The best part is that this easy DIY headband with pearls only costs about $3.75 — and that is with left over product too!

Supplies needed:

You will also need a hot glue gun, scissors, lighter, and possibly a sewing needle.

DIY No Sew Pearl Headband

Step 1:

Thread all of the acrylic pearl beads onto the skinny elastic. Because the elastic is a bit thicker than some of the bead holes, we first put the 1/8th inch elastic through the eye of the needle for a quicker and easier way to thread the elastic through each of the 18 beads. After the beads are threaded, you can remove the needle and put it away for safe keeping.

DIY No Sew Pearl Headband DIY No Sew Pearl Headband

Step 2:

Place the elastic, with the beads on it, into a S-shape. The size of your head will depend on how long each section of the S-shape will be. You can either go by this headband measurement chart to find the length of each strand of skinny elastic, or you can simply grab one end and wrap it around your head from the top to the base of your neck to get a general distance for each S-curve (that distance will be used three times, for each strand of elastic. ie: 17.5 inches x 3 is about 52). Remember, the entire headband is stretchy and will form fit to your head, so you do not need to make the headband any larger as it will stretch to fit your head and stay in place.

Then, move the beads into place where you would like them to remain. Each strand on the S-shape should get six pearl beads. Do not get too close to the end of each S-curve as that portion will end up behind your head at the base of your neck and it will not be seen (The placement of these beads CAN be adjusted later if necessary). The nice part about this headband is that with 10mm beads and 1/8th inch elastic, you should have no problem with moving beads. All beads should remain, relatively, in place. So you will not have to keep adjusting and re-moving the beads again and again.

DIY No Sew Pearl Headband DIY No Sew Pearl Headband

You will want each of the three strands of elastic to be approximately the same length. To check this, I moved the S-curve together and pinched one end. Then pull the other end so that it lays straight, without slack. This will help you proceed in the next step.

Step 3:

Pinch the end sections of the S-curve together. Add about a 1 inch line of hot glue down the inner side of the flat elastic and squeeze the two strands of elastic together. Repeat for the third strand of elastic. This will result in all three pieces (ends) of elastic being sandwiched together with hot glue to give your DIY headband a beautiful triple elastic band look. Repeat this step for the other side of the headband.

DIY No Sew Pearl Headband DIY No Sew Pearl Headband

Step 4:

Cut off any excess elastic.

DIY No Sew Pearl Headband DIY No Sew Pearl Headband

Step 5:

Gather the two ends of your DIY pearl headband together, overlapping them by about 1/4 inch. Wrap your piece of 5/8th inch elastic around that overlapping section and hot glue it in place. Add a dab of hot glue right away, and continue to add as much as needed to wrap your elastic around it to give your headband a finished look, by hiding the overlapped pieces and the glued section where the ends came together. Finish it off by lightly singing the 5/8th elastic – this will make sure that it will not fray.

DIY No Sew Pearl Headband DIY No Sew Pearl Headband
DIY No Sew Pearl Headband DIY No Sew Pearl Headband

You have now completed your easy DIY no sew headband with pearls! Keep in mind all of the options and different looks you can achieve with this pearl headband. With almost 40 colors of skinny 1/8th inch elastic and several options in 8mm or 10mm sized beads, like our acrylic bling beads, the various fashionable no sew headbands you can make are endless.

DIY No Sew Pearl Headband DIY No Sew Pearl Headband

This DIY pearl headband is perfect for all occasions. Wear it to jazz up an every day outfit, make it specific colors and wear it for a wedding, or prom, or any occasion that needs just a little extra hair accessory pop! On top of having such a large variety of beads and color options of beads and elastic, you can also make this headband adjusted so that it has two strands, or even four strands of pearls. Simple tweaking of your length of elastic would allow you to have another curve in that original S-shape which would give you yet another strand of gorgeous pearls on your easy DIY no sew headband. You could also add more or less pearls, or mix and match beads to create a completely different look! So many options! Make one for you, one for your daughter, matching ones, or make these unique pearl headbands for gifts this holiday season.


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  1. What a fun look! I love the multi-strand design, which is so popular right now. And think of the color combinations–brown elastic with orange pearls for Thanksgiving, green elastic with red beads for Christmas, and endless other combinations to coordinate with Disney princess attire (check out the 10mm pearlized beads for Frozen headbands!). And bigger “girls” might consider a version in black elastic with white pearls to dress up a simple LBD for an office holiday party.: )

    Thank you for the excellent tutorial!

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