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DIY Notebook Strap TutorialIf you are anything like us, you might have a notebook lying around that was bought to be useful or because it was on sale- but if it is lacking that extra “oomf” then we have a fun idea for you! We love the look of the fancy sketchbooks with elastic straps to hold the cover closed- they look great, and it is really handy. But there is no need to pay the expensive prices for a fancy new notebook! We will show you how to make a DIY Notebook Strap by simply adding a beautiful piece of elastic to a notebook you already own! With a simple piece of elastic you can elevate an everyday notebook into a traveler style notebook with an elastic strap that is beautiful and custom. It is even pretty enough to give as a gift!

This project is so fun and inexpensive. Depending on the size of your notebook, you may be able to add an elastic strap to a few notebooks easily. So for less than the price of a can of soda, you will  be able to make over a whole array of books! You don’t need to stop with sketchbooks and notebooks though- it would be extremely useful to add an elastic strap to a planner as well. Just the addition of an elastic book strap can take a composition book from a plain jane notebook to a cool travelers notebook!  The addition of a fun DIY book strap will make your notebooks so versatile, you will be ready to take your newly beautiful notebook anywhere!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Notebook Strap:

DIY Notebook Strap SuppliesFirst, select your elastic. If you have a very small or thin notebook, you may want to choose a skinny elastic in a matching or coordinating color. Or if you have a larger notebook with a plain cover like ours, you might want to go with a fun printed elastic to jazz it up! We even have a fun selection of holiday and seasonal elastic if you are putting a strap on your notebook to use it for a special event or give it as a gift. If you choose a notebook that already has a busy print you may want to go with a solid elastic. Other fun options would be glitter elastic or even a plush velvet elastic!  Both glitter and velvet are available in 3/8th or 5/8th thickness, so you have even more opportunity to customize your notebook.

Once you have chosen your elastic, wrap it around your book fairly snugly- you don’t want it to be too loose and slip off, but you don’t want your elastic stretched to the very end of it’s limit. Give yourself a few inches of gluing space on the back and trim to size.
DIY Notebook Strap 2
Glue your ends in place and secure them by gluing a felt circle over the ends.


 diy travel journal
If you prefer, you could glue your elastic to the front of your notebook and embellish with a pretty flower and a rhinestone where the ends overlap.
how to make a notebook closure
Make sure to only glue one half of your book clasp- leave the elastic on the front or back free so that you do not have any issues opening your notebook closure
Like we said- this came together so quickly, you will be looking around for other notebooks to add your own elastic book band to!
make your own book closure
You could even run the elastic book band around the book horizontally, if you want to try a different look! Try out different elastics, flowers, etc. to really customize your notebooks and make them your own!
how to make a  book closure
We hope you enjoyed this easy way  to make any book into a travelers notebook by adding a cute and inexpensive piece of elastic.  Will you try your hand at making a DIY notebook strap? Let us know what your plans are, we love to hear what you are up to!


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