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WDIY pacifier Clipether you call it a binky, nucky, nunny, sucky, paci…. We all know how much of a frustration a dropped or lost pacifier can be! Well, consider the hunt for pacifiers to be over. Big box stores sell pacifier clips, but we know you can do better! In this DIY Pacifier Clip tutorial you will see just how easy it is to make your own pacifier clip that can be customized to match any outfit. If you want a custom paci clip to match a birthday outfit or for a holiday, it could not be  any easier. We even made this a no sew pacifier clip tutorial, since we know that it is most important to get that clipped in place asap!

Embellishments can be added to either end of your pacifier clip, depending on the look you are want to achieve. You can add a flower to the end that hooks to the pacifier for a cute and fun look. You can even add rhinestone embellishments to that flower if you want to give it some sparkle, as long as you are careful to attach them securely. We also really love how many possibilities there are for embellishments on the end of the pacifier clip that hooks to the clothing.

Want your little man to look like he is wearing a bow tie? Add a tuxedo bow to the end of his pacifier clip and attach it to the front of his shirt. Want your little girl to look like she is wearing a big fancy brooch with her dress? Add some feathers and ornate flowers and attach the clip to her shoulder! There are so many fun possibilities!

Supplies Needed:

No Sew Pacifier Clip

Step One:

Fold your 1/8th inch elastic into a loop and overlap the ends by 1/4 of an inch. Secure with hot glue and once it has dried, pull on the loop to make sure it is secure.

Step Two:

Singe the ends of your 5/8th inch elastic since they will be more exposed and you do not want them to fray. Thread your big elastic through the small elastic loop and fold the large elastic back on itself  aprox 1/2 an inch (wrong sides together) over the seam of your 1/8th inch elastic loop. Secure with hot glue.

how to make a Pacifier Clip

Step Three:

Thread the loose end of your 5/8th elastic through the front of the metal loop on the clip. On the backside, fold the elastic back on itself aprox 1/2 of an inch and secure with hot glue.

 how to make a pacifier clip without sewing

Step Four:

If you would like to add any embellishments, now is the time. If you are adding flowers, you will want to layer them behind your elastic with hot glue so that the flowers have a more secure base to adhere to.

diy ribbon pacifier clip how to make pacifier holders

Step Five:

Once everything has dried, pull on all the glued areas again, JUST IN CASE. Better to reinforce with a bit more hot glue now than regret it later, right?

 how to make pacifier clips with ribbon

Step Six:

Once your paci clip has passed the tug test, thread the skinny elastic loop through the looped handle of the pacifier. Open the small elastic loop and pull the other end of the pacifier clip through the small loop. This should make a slip knot of sorts around the pacifier handle.

how to make a no sew pacifier clip

Time to take your handmade paci clip for a spin on the town!

diy paci clips

We think that this DIY Pacifier Clip could be great for holidays with some of our themed elastic, or maybe with stretch lace or velvet elastic to go with a dressy outfit for a special occasion! No need to limit yourself- they serve a good purpose. No more lost pacifiers!


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