DIY Party Hat


If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add a fun personalized look and feel to a party, DIY birthday party hats are a great place to start. Party hats are just darling on all children at birthday parties and can make such a bold statement! This simple tutorial will demonstrate just how easy it is to craft the classic party hat, which will result in a bit of extra homemade flare for the party!

Supplies needed to create this party hat:

DIY Birthday Party Hat

Step 1

Trace the birthday party hat template onto the scrapbook paper. (I ended up holding mine against a window so I could see through it better to trace the template.) Then following the outline you just drew, carefully and smoothly cut out the party hat.

DIY Birthday Party Hat DIY Birthday Party Hat

Step 2

Hot glue each of the mini chiffon flowers to the buttom, curved portion of the scrapbooking paper. Make sure the flower overhangs the end just a bit so that you will not see the paper on the bottom side. If you choose, you could make them really really close so there is no gaps at all, or choose to put spaces between each flower – that is the beauty of this project – all decisions are your own! Don’t forget to leave a margin of space on one end where you will be adding the glue to when you roll the party hat.

DIY Party Hat DIY Party Hat

Step 3

Once all the chiffon puffs are glued down, go ahead and add glue to one end of the paper and quickly roll the hat to form a cone. After you formed your cone, if needed, go back and add some extra hot glue to better secure the ends together, and to give your cone a smoother complete look.

DIY Party Hat DIY Party Hat

Step 4

Add some hot glue either directly onto the tip of the cone, or onto the marabou feather puff and quickly place the feather puff onto the tip of the cone. These fun feathers develop more flare to the party hat and help to cover any overlap or any hole you may have created in the top when forming the cone.

DIY Birthday Party Hat DIY Birthday Party Hat

Step 5

In this step, add on any other embellishments you choose to the party hat. In this case, we hot glued on several flat back rhinestones to magnify just a bit of additional pop!

DIY Birthday Party Hat DIY Birthday Party Hat

Step 6

Position the headband approximately where you would like it to sit in accordance with the cone portion of the birthday party hat. Hot glue one side of the headband to the bottom of the cone and apply pressure to secure it. Then, gently push in the non-glued down side of the cone just a bit so that it is NOT perfectly circle, more oval, before you hot glue it down onto the headband. This is done so the cone sits on top of the headband, rather than having the headband sit inside the cone – this is to make sure the head still fits snug against the headband.

DIY Birthday Party Hat DIY Birthday Party Hat

The satin headband works great for babies and toddlers as it will not cut into their soft, delicate skin. But if you did not want the DIY birthday party hat on a headband, you could add string in this step as a substitute.

DIY Party Hat

We have so many different options at My Sunshine Shoppe that you could create a wide assortment of DIY party hats for any event. Or make it a family affair and follow along with your child/children to have them make their own party hat. Mix and match paper colors with various colored flowers, bows, ribbon, flat back embellishments, or feathers to create your custom one-of-a-kind look that will match any birthday style, birthday party decorations and any other party theme!


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