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kids printable advent calendar Who doesn’t love a good countdown? Countdown calendars can be fun anytime of year- to build anticipation for a big vacation or a special birthday, for example. It is a way of building anticipation and stretching the fun out to last all month! We assembled our DIY Printable Advent Calendar specifically with the Christmas season in mind, but the idea can be adapted to make almost any holiday a bigger, countdown worthy event! Although it starts with a lowly recycled craft supply, this toilet paper roll advent calendar is sure to provide a month of fun and excitement!

We have even created a Advent Calendar Printable to help you number your countdown prizes! Of course, you can get creative (or let the little ones get creative!) and color and decorate your numbers any way that you wish. You can also get creative with your ideas to fill your advent calendar. Traditionally the Christmas countdown was a small chocolate treat each day, but if you aren’t keen to the idea of a 25 day sugar rush you have plenty of other options. Some people like to fill their advent calendars with tiny trinkets and toys or mini ornaments to decorate a special tree, while other people prefer to fill their advent calendars with activity ideas like “Go Ice Skating” or “Drink a cup of Fancy Hot Cocoa.” That is the beauty! When you make your own advent calendar it is catered to what suits you and your family the best!

Supplies Needed To Make An Advent Calendar From Toilet Paper Rolls:

  • 24 or 25 paper tubes (fewer if you will be cutting down long paper towel tubes or cutting toilet paper rolls in half for smaller prizes)
  • scrap cardboard
  • tissue paper or brown craft paper
  • Advent Calendar Printable
  • jute yarn 


 free  printable advent calendar

Gather your cardboard tubes together, trimming them to be the same height if necessary. Optionally, you can cut them in half to double your amount of tubes- you will just have a smaller space to fit your daily prizes.If you wish, you could even paint your cardboard tubes to fit any Christmas decorating theme you may have.  Print your Advent Calendar Printable and color it to match, or draw and color your own countdown numbers if you prefer. Next, cut squares of tissue paper or brown craft paper slightly larger than your tubes and glue them over the opening, trimming it to fit.
homemade advent calendar advent calendar craft ideas
Next, arrange your tubes in a shape to suit your theme. We chose a cozy house and a Christmas tree, but a star or arrow could be fun as well. We glued our tubes together with hot glue, but if some of your advent presents are on the heavier side you may want to secure with staples or twine to make sure it is secure.
make your own advent calendar advent calendar ideas

Once your toilet paper rolls have been arranged how you like them, secure your numbers in place with either a dot of glue or a circle of tape. We added a scrap cardboard roof to our house and made a chimney from an extra tp roll and tissue paper. Be creative- add as many decorations as you like!
toilet paper roll advent calendar
Additionally, you could also use a piece of scrap paper to provide a backing for your advent calendar, if you would like it to be extra sturdy.
advent calendar craft ideas kidsadvent calendar to make for children
Last, add a loop of jute thread glued to the back or poked through the cardboard to hang your creation.
tp roll advent calendar
Fill all of your tubes with fun goodies or activities before covering the back with a protective paper or cardboard.  Hang from your wall and let the countdown begin! We hope these homemade advent calendars inspired you to give this fun holiday craft a try, whether it is an old tradition on your family or you are starting a new tradition! This DIY printable advent calendar is just the beginning! What do you think- will your family be giving this a try? Let us know- and if you put anything interesting in your advent calendars we would love to know too! Let us know in the comments below.


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