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make your own garter beltIf you are looking for a beautiful garter for a special day, you know how pricey they can be- whether it is  bridal, garter, a prom garter, or just a beautiful formal garter. But it is not difficult to make your own gorgeous custom DIY rhinestone garter. It is possible to make a statement without breaking the bank! If you are looking to make your own glamorous bridal garter or you are in the market for a custom prom garter or a beautiful garter to match your formal attire, you can save money and create a one of a kind look! Every event is different, so we love the idea of being able to customize your own handmade garter to perfectly match the theme of your event! In this tutorial we will be focusing on how to make your own bridal garter, but this technique can be applied to any special formal event just by changing up the colors! If you are looking for an all lace garter, we have done another beautiful handmade lace garter in the past with feathers and fabric flowers. Today we are going to show you yet another option to personalize your wedding accessories- a DIY Rhinestone Garter using beautiful stretch lace along with rhinestone connectors, fabric flowers and beautiful nigori feathers.

When you choose to make your own bridal accessories, suddenly there is an entire wide open range of possibilities. You can perfectly coordinate the colors of your accessories to match the colors of your theme, and you can make something that is perfectly suited to match exactly your taste! It can be as over the top and glam as you want, or it can be a classic looking or vintage style garter- the look is entirely up to you! Our variety of fabric flowers is almost endless, as well as our choices of feathers and rhinestone connectors. By making your own DIY bridal garter, you will not only save money but also end up with a unique creation that is perfectly suited to you! Your bridal garter will be a beautiful unique creation that can perfectly match your wedding day!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Rhinestone Garter: 

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Step One:

Measure the point on your leg where you plan on wearing your lace garter. Traditionally, a wedding garter is worn about 6 inches above the knee- but it is really up to you. Choose where it feels the most comfortable for you. You will want the finished size of your garter (including the rhinestone connector) to be about 2/3 the size of the circumference of your leg, to allow for a comfortable amount of stretch.Remember that when cutting your lace you will want to subtract the length of your rhinestone connector, but add a bit back in to account for folding and gluing your elastic.

After you have cut your elastic to size, fold the end into an accordion shape and secure in place with a dot of hot glue. This will make sure that the lace end is small enough to squeeze through the end of the rhinestone connector, but will still gather in a pretty way.

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Step Two:

Feed the end of the lace through one end of the connector, going from front to back. Fold the lace back on itself and secure with another small dot of hot glue.

how to make a garter how to make a lace garter

Step Three:

If you use a camilla flower or any other flower with a post, you will want to remove the plastic center first. We did this by simple cutting the post off the back and sorting out the plastic pieces.

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Step Four:

To attach the camilla flower to your garter, you will first need to back the lace with a small felt circle. Then build up the layers of the camilla flower one by one, securing each in place with hot glue. This process can get a bit messy, but don’t worry about glue oozing through the center hole- you will cover it up with an embellishment.  If you choose to add feathers to your garter you can add these before the first flower petals, glued in between the lace/ felt and flowers. If you are using a flower without a post you will not need to worry about gluing layers, simply back with felt, add a feather if desired, and secure the flower to the lace garter with hot glue.

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diy wedding garter instructions diy wedding garter belt

Step Five:

If your rhinestone embellishment has a shank, cut the back off with jewelry wire cutters. Secure your embellishment in place with hot glue.

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Now enjoy your beautiful handmade garter!

 diy wedding garter instructions

Wedding garters are such a special accessory to commemorate a beautiful day, and it is wonderful to be able to have a special and unique DIY wedding garter on your big day!


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