DIY Rhinestone Headbands for Weddings or Prom


Prom is just around the corner, and shortly after that comes the busy wedding season of the year! If you are looking for a glamorous and stylish look for a formal event, then this easy DIY rhinestone headband tutorial is just for you. These beautiful bedazzled headbands make amazing fashion statements for any occasion but they are especially great for weddings, proms, holiday parties, pageants, and any other special event where you need a bit of extra bling! Wear with a formal up-do or with your hair down, either way looks amazing! These also make great headbands for resale in a boutique, fashionable photo shoot props and cute DIY gifts for your friends or daughter(s) to wear on a daily basis.

We have a large selection of rhinestone crystal and pearl trim and rhinestone appliques which can simply be added to a small snippet of skinny stretch elastic to create these beautiful creations for little cost. Big impact with inexpensive materials, what could be better? Premade headbands just like these can sell for over $40 each! But you can create them in minutes and for as little as just $12.00 to $17.00!

DIY elastic rhinestone headbands DIY elastic rhinestone headbands

All the supplies you need are: a hot glue gun, elastic – to finish your DIY headband  (using elastic for part of the headband ensures that it is stretchy to fit and that it will fit snugly against the head), and a couple felt circles to use on the back side to complete the look. As you can see, the felt circles vary in size depending on which headband you are creating and they may need to be cut down to size to fit accurately.

Hot gluing the elastic in place and then covering with a felt circle not only secures the stretch elastic in place but it also gives the headband a completed look. The felt can be used just at the ends, where the elastic is connected, or it can be run along the entire length of the applique/trim for extra support. These appliques are made with a soft suede mesh-like backing and are safe to use on children and as baby rhinestone headbands too!

rhinestone headbands for weddings rhinestone headbands for weddings
rhinestone headbands for prom rhinestone headbands for prom

Shown above are our newest rhinestone appliques and rhinestone trim along our 1/8th inch skinny elastic or our 1/4th inch elastic to create these BEAUTIFUL DIY crystal rhinestone headbands. The first photo is showing off our new floret applique on skinny white elastic. The second photo is our rhinestone swirl applique (which can be worn two ways for two different looks if simply flipped around) and the third photo is the gorgeous wave applique on the same 1/8th inch elastic. And lastly, our beautiful rhinestone oval trim on matching 1/4th inch stretch elastic.

Get any of these looks now through our store! Imagine how beautiful these DIY rhinestone headband would look on a bride at her wedding, a flower girl, or as gifts for the bridesmaids in the wedding party! How perfect they would look on your during your prom night! And how gorgeous they would look on your during a special pageant! There are many more wholesale rhinestone appliques and trim available on our site to create your own crystal headband hair accessories. Which one is your favorite? What special or important event in your life will you make a rhinestone headband for?


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