DIY Santa Wreath


Oh Christmas wreath, Oh Christmas wreath, we’d love to show you how to make one! If you need to spruce up your front door this holiday season or want to hang something festive in your home, follow this DIY Tulle Santa wreath tutorial as it is a great holiday craft making project for the entire family. Inexpensive and quick to make, this DIY holiday wreath idea can also make a great homemade gift to give. Ho, ho, ho – Tis’ the season. Made out of only three supplies, some of which you may have just lying around the house, this DIY Christmas wreath keeps cost low while still making a big, long-lasting impact!

Supplies needed:

  • White 6 inch wide tulle
  • 12 inch wreath (can be purchased at any craft store)
  • Adult sized Santa hat
  • Scissors

DIY Holiday Tulle Santa Wreath

Step 1:

Start by placing your Santa hat on the wreath and taking a pen or marker to mark the wreath where the hat sits. This is just to help you remember, between which two points, you need to tie on your tulle.

DIY Holiday Tulle Santa Wreath

Step 2:

Cut your roll of tulle into 14 or 15 inch strips. You will not need your entire roll. Start with approximately 30-40 strips as you can always go back and cut more, and then you won’t have any waste. An easy way to do this is cut a piece of cardboard down to the size you’d like and wrap the tulle around the cardboard. Then slip your scissors underneath the inner layer of tulle and cut through each end across the board. You do not have to cut your tulle strips this way, but it is much quicker than measuring out each one individually.

DIY Holiday Tulle Santa Wreath

Step 3:

Knot each piece of your tulle onto the DIY Santa wreath. Continue to tie these pieces on until you have filled up the section between the two marked points. You may tie on as many, or as few, as you would like – it all just depends on how full you would like your Santa’s beard to be!

DIY Holiday Tulle Santa Wreath DIY Holiday Tulle Santa Wreath

Step 4:

You can choose to stop here, if you feel like your Santa beard is full enough, or you can continue by tying on a piece of tulle across the wreath (about a 30 inch strip). You want this to be moved down 1 to 2 inches from your marked points. Then, cut several of your remaining 15 inch mesh strips in half and tie them onto this piece that runs through the middle. Again, you can make this as full as you would like.

DIY Holiday Tulle Santa Wreath DIY Holiday Tulle Santa Wreath

DIY Holiday Tulle Santa WreathStep 5:

If you have any remaining tulle, stuff your Santa hat with it so that it is a bit fuller, fluffier, and sits up nicely. Then slip your Santa hat onto the top portion of the wreath. You may need to add a bit of hot glue to the two sides if your hat does not stay on well, just to secure it in place.

Hang up your DIY holiday tulle Santa wreath and you are done! Making a tulle wreath, doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive, and with this Christmas wreath idea – it’s not. Grab the kids and gather them around the table, have them help you cut the tulle and tie it on, or maybe they would like to add even more holiday buttons and Christmas embellishments to the hat. Go ahead and make it your own – that’s the best thing about DIY craft projects such as the DIY santa wreath. We hope you have a very Merry and safe holiday season!


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