DIY St. Patrick’s Day Lapel Pin


Irish eyes are smiling- and non Irish eyes too! St. Patrick’s day is a fun holiday for old and young alike, and can bring out the fun, green side in anyone! Take advantage of that playful spirit with this DIY four leaf clover lapel pin tutorial. Adding a St. Patrick’s Day shamrock brooch to an outfit can be the perfect way to add a touch of green to your outfit you hunt for your pot o’ gold.

This fun four leaf clover brooch pin is made with felt and can be accessorized to dress up an outfit, or can be adorable as is. If you would like an easy and adorable way to display a bit of luck of the Irish, our easy step by step tutorial to make a lucky shamrock brooch is just the thing! Any outfit can become more festive for St. Patrick’s Day with this DIY four-leaf clover pin.

Supplies to make felt shamrock

Supplies Needed for one Shamrock Lapel Pin:

Step 1:

Trace a rounded letter “M” shape onto your felt circles, or follow our printable template below. Cut four identical shapes, one from each circle.

Clover Lapel Pin Template

Shamrock Template

Step 2:

Now take one of your clover leaves and pinch it at the bottom to fold it on itself, making it look like a heart or a leaf.

pinch leaves to put a stitch through

Secure each leaf with a stitch or two and tie a knot.

sew each leaf folded

Step 3:

Gather all clover leaves with thread. At this stage you can use a dot of hot glue between the shamrock leaves to secure them if necessary.

gather all clover leaves with thread

Once all four leaves of the shamrock have been gathered together, secure tightly with a knot and snip any excess thread.

front of St. Patrick's day pin

Step 4:

On the back of your four leaf clover, add  a 1 inch felt circle with a generous dollop of hot glue. This is to keep the leaves of your shamrock secure, as well as to create a safe place to add your brooch pin.

Back of Shamrock pin

Step 5:

Put a generous amount of hot glue on your one inch brooch pin and press into place.

glue back of shamrock brooch secure pin to back of four leaf cover

Step 6:

Cut a small strip from the second one inch felt circle. Apply hot glue and lay over the back of the brooch pin. This will ensure a strong bond so that your DIY shamrock pin craft will stay put.

Back of Shamrock Brooch

Step 7: 

At this time you could add optional embellishments, such as a button, so that your shamrock pin has a bit more flare or simply pin the shamrock to your lapel and enjoy as is!
four leaf clover pin with embelishment lapel pin with four leaf clover

We hope you have a safe and fun St Patrick’s Day wearing your homemade clover craft brooch! Since these cute crafty pins are gender neutral, make a few DIY St. Patty’s Day shamrock lapel pins to share with your friends and family and let us know how they turned out. Happy crafting!


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