DIY Wedding Bouquet


With wedding season just around the corner, we thought what better way to celebrate all upcoming brides than to have a blog specific for a DIY wedding bouquet! If you are on a budget, or just have a crafty, creative side, than this DIY bridal bouquet instruction blog is for you. Cut back on some of the major costs of your wedding and save hundreds of dollars on flowers by creating your own, unique artificial flower bouquets for you and your bridesmaids. My Sunshine Shoppe offers so many color options and varieties of rhinestone buttons, pearls, flat back embellishments, and silk and fabric flowers that you should have no problem finding styles and colors to create your one-of-a-kind wedding bouquet for your big day!

DIY Wedding Bouquet

Step 1

Research our products and find a collection of flowers and buttons to fit your wedding style and color theme. This specific DIY bridal broach bouquet is assembled around a 6 inch green floral ball, that can be found at your local craft store (approximately $5.00). The actual floral bouquet is made up of approximately 42 flowers total (chiffon blossoms, wedding veil flowers, mini satin puffs, mini chiffon puffs, satin puffs, and petite princess flowers) of various sizes and colors, and 8 brooches/flat back embellishments.

DIY Bridal Bouquet

This photo shows approximately half of the flowers and brooches used in the final bouquet.

Step 2

Start filling up the green ball with your selection of flowers. We simply used floral pins, which can be found at any local craft store (approximately $1.50), to start pinning on our flowers, overlapping just a bit so that no green would show through, in a suitable arrangement. You may want to lay out your flowers this way first and once they are in place exactly how you would like, come back with a hot glue gun for extra support. For a stronger, better hold, we definitely suggest using hot glue, instead of just floral pins, to adhere your flowers and other embellishments to your DIY wedding bouquet.

DIY Wedding Bouquet DIY Wedding BouquetDIY Wedding Bouquet DIY Wedding Bouquet   

Step 3

Continue to adhere the flowers around the green ball until it is almost covered, leaving just a small circular spot for your handle. Attach the handle to the empty spot on the base of the green floral ball using floral pins and plenty of hot glue to secure the handle to the bouquet. If necessary, you may need to add a few extra, smaller flowers around the base of the handle to help hide the spot where the two come together.

Step 4

Wrap your handle with 1 inch or 2 inch stretch lace starting at the top and smoothly working your way down the fake “stem bunch.” Clip off any excess lace and either add a dab of hot glue to the end so that the lace is secure at the bottom, or if you purchased a hollow handle, you could also tuck that excess lace inside the handle for a smooth, clean finish.

DIY Bride Bouquet

Step 5

Glam up your DIY wedding bouquet by adding any extra sparkly brooches, elegant pearls, or fun embellishments to both the handle and the bouquet with a little hot glue.

DIY Wedding Bouquet DIY Bridal Bouquet DIY Wedding Bouquet  DIY Bride Bouquet

DIY Wedding Bouquet


Now, if you wish to create similar bridesmaids bouquets, they would simply require the same instruction steps but with less supplies, to cover the center, as you could purchase smaller green floral balls as the bouquet bases. Otherwise, that is it! You now have a finished one-of-a-kind, inexpensive, beautiful, artificial DIY bride bouquet unique to you that was completed in little to no time at all! We hope you enjoy your amazing, personalized DIY bouquet on your big wedding day.



  1. For your DIY Bridal Bouquet – what did you use for a handle? I can’t seem to visualize what you might have used and then wrapped it in satin.

    Thank you so much! Tammy

    • Tammy-
      We actually used an empty roll that our fold over elastic comes on. It was made out of a stiff cardboard and actually worked great. I know that many craft supply stores have plain floral handles that can be bought just for this very thing! Some have the bouquet handle with the Styrofoam ball already built in the middle for you to adhere your flowers to. Try googling bouquet holders online and see if that helps.

  2. I would like to make bouquets like these but put them on vases for centerpieces. I like the look of using a few different types of sizes for flowers. The diameter of the vase is 3 1/4 inches but here are my questions:

    > How big should the Styrofoam ball be that I use?
    > How many flowers should I buy to cover the ball? (I would only be covering about half since it’s sitting on the ball)
    > If I were doing two different sizes, what two would I choose- 1.5-2 in & 3.5-4 in?

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