DIY Wine Bottle Craft


Looking to create a piece of art to place on the fireplace this winter, or a DIY centerpiece? This simple wine bottle craft tutorial will show you how few products you need to create a gorgeous statement piece in your home this winter that you can leave up year-round. You could also use this adorable twine wine bottle project for wedding decor, nursery decor, or even to give as a housewarming gift! These DIY love bottles are inexpensive and will help you to save money no matter what you are using them for.

Supplies needed:

DIY wine bottle love craft

Step 1:

To start this tutorial paint your wine bottles or wrap them in your craft supplies. We did use twine in this tutorial but if you want a bolder look or more colorful color scheme, then you could also wrap your bottles in any width of our beautiful fold over elastic: glitter, 5/8th inch, 3/8th inch, 1/4th inch or even our 1/8th inch skinny elastic would work for this craft bottle centerpiece. Starting at either the base of the bottle or the very top of the bottle, add a dab of hot glue and place your twine (or elastic) onto it. Little by little continue to wrap your twine (or elastic) around the bottle by adding small lines of hot glue. Continue to do this piece by piece until your entire bottle is covered.

Step 2:

Using more hot glue, add your flowers, buttons and/or other embellishments to your DIY wine bottle craft to create your “LOVE” word.

DIY wine bottle love craft DIY wine bottle love craft
DIY wine bottle love craft DIY wine bottle love craft

There are so many different ways to create this wine love bottle centerpiece. There are countless colors in all of our products listed, as well as SO MANY other options in craft flowers and flat back buttons that you could spell ‘LOVE’ with an endless combination of products. You could also leave this yarn wine bottle craft just like it is, or you could add additional flowers, stems, sticks, etc out of the top to add another beautiful dimension! Burlap flowers or real flowers in small bouquets out of the top of each wine bottle would look absolutely breathtaking at a wedding reception. This project would also look adorable in shades of pink or blue to place in a newborn babies nursery. Do you know the color combinations of your new neighbors livingroom? Create this wine bottle centerpiece with that color combination and give as a gift for them to put on their bookshelf or fireplace mantel! It takes just minutes and can save you a bunch of money. The best part? It results in a gorgeous DIY bottle craft that anyone is sure to LOVE!



  1. I love, love, love the Love bottle art! And your other design variation suggestions open up a whole new world of possibilities for this craft! xoxo

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