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make your own dreamcatcherSummer might be starting to wind down, but there are still plenty of fun end of summer crafts that we want to squeeze in during these last warm days! Some of our favorite summer memories are tied up in the long sunny days spent at summer camp- the mosquito bites, the canoeing and the summer camp crafts! One mainstay off summer camp crafting was always the dreamcatcher. A dream catcher craft can come together with any variety of materials, and can range from a more traditional crafty look to an updated boho wall hanging!

We love crafting with things from nature, but since we didn’t have access to any young, bendable branches (or the patience to soak them in water to make them bendable) we decided to go with a crafty staple standby- an embroidery hoop. If you want a more rustic look,  a pliable twig bent and tied into a loop shape works great! This dream catcher tutorial is a great craft for kids and adults alike, so have fun with it and tell us how it goes!

Supplies Needed to Make a Dream Catcher Craft:

dream catcher craft suppliers


Step One:
If you have decided to use a bendable twig, shape  it into a loop and tie into place. If you are using an embroidery hoop, loosen the external hoop and remove the center hoop.
 how to make a dreamcatcher
Step Two:
Adhere the end of your twine, jute or mohair to the outside of the internal hoop with glue. You can also tie a knot to get it started, but your hoop won’t close as tightly later.
how to make a simple dreamcatcher
Step Three: 
Begin to wrap your string around the loop, making another loop every few inches. If you use a finer thread like mohair you may want to make the spaces tighter, or further apart for a thicker string like jute or twine. At each point, you can secure with a dot of glue or a knot if it seems like it may slip. Continue to wrap, looping the string around the center of each of the previous anchor points. If you would like to leave a hole ofen in the center to hang a bed or feather from, that is an option, or just keep looping and wrapping until you have no more room. It is up to you!
how to make a dreamcatcher easy how to make a dreamcatcher for kids step by step
Step Four:
One option to change up the look of your dream catcher craft is to repeat the looping like above, but with a contrasting shade of thread that started in another spot. We added a pale shade of mohair, but some other shades of jute or bakers twine could be fun as well! Even a few beads or feathers added as you are making your dreamcatcher can be a fun way to personalize and can be a good way to make it your own!
easy dreamcatcher for kids
Step Five:
Reattach your exterior hoop- you may need to loosen it more, depending on how thick the strings on your internal loop have become.  Double over a piece of grosgrain, lace or string pearls and loop around what will be the bottom of your dreamcatcher. If you would like to hide the metal fastener of your dreamcatcher you can make that the bottom and loop your strings around it to conceal the hoops.
make your own dreamcatcher how to make a dreamcatcher craft
Step Six:
Continue to add loops of lace, ribbon and pearls in the same manner as above. The length of these depends on your taste. You could trim them once you have added them to all be the same length, or you could purposely add uneven lengths for a messy chic look.
dream catchers for kids
Step Seven:
If you plan on adding beads and feather, make sure you also add some thinner threads to your dreamcatcher that can be threaded through the beads you have chosen. The easiest way we found was to thread both the feather and string into the bead, and secure in place with glue. Our feathers were simply pulled from a feather pad to get a fun variation of shades. We even doubled up two feathers to one bead n some places to change things up a little.
easy dreamcatcher craft dream catcher craft instructions
Step Eight:
To finish, choose a pretty fold over elastic to wrap your hoop. Elastic is perfect to wrap the hoop without bunching or wrinkling- it has enough stretch and flexibility that it lays perfectly. Secure with a dot of glue every few wraps around the hoop to keep it securely wrapped.
how to make a dreamcatcher step by step with pictures easy dream catcher for kids

Find a pretty spot to display your handiwork!
 how to make a dream catcher
Since the traditional spot to hang a dreamcatcher is above your bed, we are thinking that a collection of multiple dreamcatchers in a variety of sizes and colors could be very pretty. If you recreate some summer camp memories we would love to hear about it! Where will you display your dream catcher craft?


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