Easter Egg Paint Swatch Dominoes


We love that the holidays give us an excuse to have quality time with our family, but sometimes we need to plan an activity that is not just centered around all of the fun holiday food and candies. Easter eggs are a lovely place to take inspiration from. With the rainbow hues of Easter egg dye in mind, we thought it would be fun to make our own set of Easter egg dominoes with paint swatches for an extra fun and useful DIY Easter craft.

Dominoes is a fun matching game that can be played by a wide variety of skill levels. This game can even be modified to be a color matching game or a memory game, depending on the skill level of your players. These DIY Easter Egg Dominoes are an easy way to provide lots of entertainment, and since most of the materials have been “upcycled” you won’t need to break the bank for this DIY paint swatch craft.

Supplies needed:

Easter Egg Paint Swatch Domino

Step 1:

Cut an egg shaped template out of a scrap of paper slightly smaller than the width of your paint swatch. We folded our template in half before cutting it to make sure that it was symmetrical.

Paint Swatch Domino Tutorial

Step 2:

Trace this 28 times onto your paint swatches for a full set of dominoes. We positioned our egg shape so that it would be approximately centered over 2 colors of the paint swatch, though the stripes of color look nice when they are not perfectly spaced as well.

Easter Egg Paint Swatch Tutorial

Step 3:

Once you have cut out all of your egg shapes, you may want to glue them to a decorative backing paper. We liked the look of the paint swatches as the backing, but the variation of colors could allow someone with a very good memory to potentially cheat at dominoes! So if this is of a concern for you, we recommend that you use a pretty patterned scrapbook paper as the backing to your dominoes.

Easter Domino Tutorial

Step 4:

Add your buttons or flat backed pearls for the numbers of your dominoes using a bit of glue. Since we hadn’t played dominoes since we were kids and couldn’t remember what a full set looked like, we consulted wikipedia.

Easter Egg Paint Swatch Domino

Once you have glued all your dots in place, it is time to play a friendly game of Easter Egg Dominoes!

Easter Egg Domino DIY

Remember, these paint swatch dominoes can be customized to any skill level- they are just as fun as a color matching game or as a game of memory. What really matters is that you are spending time with the ones you love, and hopefully creating some new memories along with your upcycled Easter egg domino game.


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