Easter Headband Craft


Do you need a simple hair accessory or headband for your little one’s first Easter? Or maybe for your toddler to wear on Easter morning while they search for eggs? This Easter chiffon headband craft tutorial is extremely simple to follow and the finished Easter headband costs less than $2.00 to make! Plus it is so adorable on any little girl to wear in the springtime. So by making it yourself you can make it to fit your daughter – no matter her size or age, and make it to the colors and embellishments that you would like.

Supplies needed:

DIY easter headband craft

Step 1:

Trim off any excess mesh from your Easter bunny, getting as close as you can to the chiffon without cutting it. Then, to get the remaining pieces, take a lighter and lightly singe the mesh. It will cease up and ‘melt’ away leaving a clean edge on your bunny.

DIY easter headband craft DIY easter headband craft

Step 2:

Attach your ribbon bow to your bunny using a small dab of hot glue in the center of the bow. Place the bow wherever you would like it to remain on your rabbit – the side, the middle, low, high, etc. Next, take your small flat back pearl and glue it to the bow center. Gently press down to secure both the bow and the pearl to your Easter bunny.

easter headband craft for baby easter headband craft for baby

Step 3:

Cut your elastic down to size. For exact sizing, see our blog on measurements for headbands. Loop your headband together, overlapping about 1/2 inch, by using a dab of glue at the end.

Spring headband for girls Spring headband for girls

Step 4:

Add a line of hot glue down the center of your bunny, on the backside, and place your elastic on top. Be sure to place the part of the elastic with the seam showing on the backside of the rabbit — this is to make sure that the overlapped seam will be hidden in the end.

Easter bunny headband Easter bunny headband

Step 5:

Swirl glue onto your felt circles and place on the back side of your bunny. This not only gives your DIY spring headband more of a finished look by covering up the seam, but it also helps to secure the elastic by sandwiching it between the felt and the chiffon bunny.

easter headband for girls easter headband for girls
Easter Bunny Headband Tutorial Easter Bunny Headband Tutorial

At this point, you have either completed your adorable DIY Easter headband craft for your newborn baby or little girl – or you can continue on and further embellish it if you wish. Want to add a face to your bunny? Take three more flat back pearls in either the same color used before, or a shade lighter, and glue them onto the face of your rabbit to add another dimension. Want to go even further? Add additional bows, flowers, shabbies, or even feather puffs around/behind your bunny! Because of the cost and the ease of this homemade Easter craft, you can make all kinds of combinations — put the bunny vertical instead of horizontal, try using chevron elastic or our spring printed elastics instead of our solid colors, use a mini sequin bow instead of the grosgrain bow for a bit of sparkle, or mix and match colors. So many options and ways to make this DIY springtime craft your own!


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