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craft ideas for wine bottlesDo you have some empty wine bottles left over from a ladies night? Don’t toss them out! You can up-cycle bottles with this simple and fun recycled craft! Whether you are trying to make a beautiful centerpiece or a little something extra to decorate the shelves of your home, this empty wine bottle craft project idea can be a fun way to reuse something you would otherwise throw out, and create something beautiful to boot! As fun as it can be to empty a bottle or two of wine with friends, it can be just as much fun to get a few friends together and work on a fun recycled DIY bottle craft!

The materials for this fun project can be very open ended. We experimented with a few different colors of bakers twine, but we think that the wrapping and knotting would look great with jute cord as well. If you are looking for a way to add even a bit more flair, rhinestone embellishments or some different types of fabric flowers could completely switch up the look!



Supplies Needed to Decorate Your Empty Bottle:

Step One:

Decide where you would like your knotted twine to start. Wrap a loop of twine around this part of your bottle and cut to size. Secure the ends with hot glue.
twine wrapped wine bottle  twine wine bottle diy

Step Two:

Using twine from your spool, measure from the base of your bottle to the loop that you have made around the neck.  Multiply this amount of string by at least 3- you may want even more if you plan on making a very tight knotted netting eith your twine. The closer together the knots are, the more twine you will use. Use this string as a measurement- make enough matching stings to make knotted loops about every 1 or two inches.  For a smaller bottle like we are using you will need about 5 or 6 strings, but a larger bottle will look better with more.
wine bottle diy crafts

Step Three:

Take one of your lengths of twine, fold it in half and thread it under the circle of twine around the neck of your bottle. In the loop created by folding your twine in half, insert the ends of your twine. Pull just tight enough to make a neat knot, but leave the knot just oose enough that you could slide it later if needed.
wine bottle diy ideas wine bottle diy projects

Step Four:

Add another knot as above every 1 to 2 inches until the neck of your bottle is full of evenly spaced knots. Slide them to look more even if necessary.
diy crafts made with wine bottles

Step Five:

From two knots that are next to each other, separate out one piece of string from each. Tie a very loose knot where the meet in the middle. Tighten it slowly as you adjust to make sure you like the distance the knot is from the neck of the bottle, keeping it centered between the knots.
 wine bottle upcycle recycle wine bottle crafts

Step Six:

Repeat this method around the perimiter of the bottle, taking care that the knots end up as even as possible.

craft ideas for wine bottles

Step Seven:

Similar to before, pull one thread from two knots next to each other and tie into a very loose knot, then adjust and slide it into place. It helps not to pull any of these knots to tight, since this will throw the spacing of the remaining knots off. Continue repeating this style of knots around the bottle, and add new rows until you reach the bottom or run out of twine. Don’t fret if you run out of twine before you reacht he bottom, you will just beed to wrap more later. It will still look great!
what to do with empty wine bottles recycled wine bottle projects

Step Eight:

Secure the tails of your knot with hot glue below the knots and trim the ends. Do not end the knots or the string below the bottom of the bottle- your bottle will not sit evenly if you try to wrap the knots or strings around.things to do with empty wine bottles

Step Nine:

To begin wrapping the string start by folding the twine back on itself and securing it to the center of the base of the bottle with hot glue.  Continue wrapping and winding it around itself, securing with either mod podge or hot glue. We found that hot glue was best when you wanted something absolutely in place without moving, while mod podge was  better for squishing the thread around and avoiding gaps. A combination of the two may work best, but you may just have to experiment a little to see what works best for you.  Another note- for this project, watered down white glue can be used interchangeably with mod podge. It works great!

wine bottle diy projects things to make with wine bottles

Step Ten:

Continue wrapping twine until you get as close to the knots as you can, and secure the end with glue in a discreet place, like next to or directly underneath on of the knots.projects to do with wine bottles
Repeat this style of wrapping around the neck of your bottle, starting near the knots and working your way upward.
diy wine bottle crafts
Continue wrapping until you have reached the top of the bottle. Tuck the end inside and secure with glue. Add embellishments if desired.
things to make with wine bottles

We are such big fans of this easy and fun DIY empty wine bottle craft! Thankfully it looks great in groupings, so we have an excuse to make more!


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