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The autumn hair accessoriesnights will soon be turning chillier, and there will be a bright crispness in the air- yes, fall is approaching! Depending on where you live, your change of seasons may be sooner rather than later. While the end of summer is certainly  a bummer, there is an undeniable charm to autumn. Cinnamon and freshly harvested apple, and pumpkin spice everything?! Yes, please. So cozy up with a mug of hot cider and celebrate the coming of this glorious time of year while you learn how to make your own Fall Hair Accessories!

We free-handed a few leaf and feather designs, but not everyone wants to fly so willy -nilly with their felt and scissors. Understandably so! That is why we have created a Fall Feather And Leaf Template to help you in creating your beautiful autumn hair accessories! With the assistance of the template and a glue gun, this beautiful fall hairpiece will come together in no time! No sewing required to create this beautiful headband, although a few decorative stitches are optional if you are feeling ambitious!

Supplies Needed to create your own Fall Hair Accessories:

DIY fall hair accessories


If you have ever made one of our headbands before, the beginning of this fall hairpiece will look very familiar! First, determine the size that you will need to make your headband. You can either take your measurement from a headband you already own, or consult our headband size post.  You will be able to customize your headband to perfectly fit anyone- from a tiny baby headband to a full sized adult headband. If you are making  dainty baby headband for fall, you may want to use a thinner elastic.  Remember to add a half an inch extra to your length to allow for overlap while you are cutting your elastic. Singe the ends with a lighter to prevent fraying. Overlap the ends of your headband and secure with hot glue, then back with two or more overlapping felt circles. Secure your headbands to the backing circles with hot glue. Add more felt circles for more support if desired.
fall hair accessory how to autumn hair accessory DIY

Next, use the Feather and Leaf Template to cut leaf or feather shapes from your felt circles. You could use alternating fall colors or a full fall rainbow like we did!
fall hair accessories


Begin to arrange your feathers or leaves. We tried a few arrangements before we decided on the leafy rainbow that we liked the best. If you would like to add stitching to show the lines of the feathers or leaves, you will want to do that now so you are not trying to sew through glue later. We used a few small dots of glue to secure each leaf to the one underneath.
autumn hairstyles
Once you have secured the leaves in an arrangement that you are happy with, place a bead of hot glue along your headband on the side with the seam, and attach your leaves.  You may want to add a few small dots of glue to secure the edges or back with a few more felt circles to make everything extra secure.
fall hairstyles

We finished a few of our leaves with small scraps of felt to add a bit of contrast, but stitching or another finish could be adorable. These felt leaves would also make great hear clips for fall, or even could be the be used as the base for a headband with a  few fancy hair flowers and rhinestone pumpkin or  and acorn embellishment!
autumn hair accessories


After you have added your embellishments, it is time to go out in that crisp fall air and wear your fall hair accessories with pride! Will you be sporting team colors on your headband or traditional fall oranges and reds? Let us know in the comments below!


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