Felt Flower Headband Tutorial


Felt Flower Headband Tutorial

This simple felt flower headband tutorial will show you an easy way to make a beautiful headband in just minutes using pre cut felt circles. No dies or fancy cutting skills here! Just follow our simple instructions below for one of our easy felt crafts.

Felt Flower Headband Tutorial Supplies:

crafts with felt

Crafts with Felt Directions:

Step one: Use a small amount of hot glue to attach the 1” felt circle on top of the 1.5” felt circle. Then glue the 1.5” felt circle to the 2” felt circle. Do the same for all three colors. The circles do not have to be completely even! A little lopsidedness gives these felt flower headbands much more character!

Felt Flower Headband Tutorial

Step two: Glue an 8 mm flat back pearl to the lower portion of the smallest felt circle. Do this with all three colors of felt circles. We used one flat black pearl per circle cluster, but several pearls per cluster would be beautiful as well.  If you’re used to using a glue gun, these are easy felt crafts.

Step three: Arrange the layered felt circle clusters on to the headband the way you would like them by gently holding the circles over the headband. We suggest not putting them all in a straight line, but staggering them a bit. You will want to start at least 2 inches above the bottom of the headband or the bottom circle will hit you in the ear.

easy felt crafts

Step four: Lift the circle away from the headband and use a small amount of hot glue to tack the circles in place.

crafts with felt

Step five: Flip the felt flower headband upside down and glue another 2 inch felt circle to the back of each flower cluster, sandwiching the headband between the two layers of felt.

Felt Flower Headband Tutorial

Be sure that the edges of the circles are secured to each other so there is no cracks in your piece!

Let dry and enjoy!!

Felt Flower Headband Tutorial

It will be so fun to  mix and match other color combinations and embellishments. We also have flat back rhinestones available to add a little more bling to this beautiful creation.  Currently we carry 18 felt circle colors so you are sure to find a color combination to match your style.  We will be doing a lot of crafts with felt in the future so check back often.  We love easy felt crafts since it’s a fast way to create.

We hope you enjoyed this felt flower headband tutorial!


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