Felt Pine Cone Craft Tutorial


fabric pinecone ornament instructionsIf you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of fall like we are, then you may also be looking for any excuse to incorporate some autumnal decorations into you life! This Felt Pine Cone Craft Tutorial is so fun and quick to throw together that you will be looking for any corner to add a dash of fall coziness with a cute handmade pinecone! We think that these could be adorable added to a wreath wrapped in jute thread for a festive fall wreath for your front door, or add a loop of ribbon or felt and make cute pinecone ornaments for fall. You could even add then to a long string to make fun felt pinecone bunting! Any window or doorway would look ready for a fall shinding after it was hung with a homemade pine cone garland!

We kept our pinecone palette in a range of earth tones, but you can experiment with a variety of shades of felt pinecone! Maybe your decorations call for a bright green pinecone, or perhaps a snowy white pine cone? You could even make vibrant rainbow shades of pine cones if you were going for a pop-art pinecone look! Whatever you decide, you will be sure to find the right shade of felt circle on our wholesale craft supply website to make your pinecone craft dreams come true!

Supplies Needed to Make a Felt Pine Cone

supplies to make felt pinecone

Step One:
Crumple and roll the newspaper or tissue paper into what is approximately an egg shape.  Secure the edges with dots of hot glue so that they do not become unraveled.
felt pinecone ornaments photo
Step Two:
Cut the one inch felt circles in half (leave one for the stem, if desired)
pinecone tutorial
Step Three:
Pinch one of the felt circle halves until it has a bit of a point, and glue in place on what will be the bottom of your acorn.
how to make a felt pinecone
Step Four:
 Cover the other half of your first felt pinecone scale with a second, slightly overlapping where the coners meet.
DIY felt pinecone
Step Five:
Begin a second row of pinecone scales,  covering the straight edge of the first row. The method that worked best for us was to attach the half circles with a small dot of glue, then once the placement of the entire row was complete, go back and secure the corners with additional dots of glue.

felt pinecone ornament pinecone ornament craft
Step Six:
Continue to add rows of half circle, alternating and overlapping to cover any unsightly seams or gaps.
pinecone ornament craft ideas fabric pinecone ornament pattern
Step Seven:
Continue to apply overlapping scales until you have reached a point where only one more row ov half circles could be added.

how to make a pinecone ornament
At this point, you will need to decided if you want to add a decorative felt stem or a loop of ribbon or felt for hanging your pinecone. If you plan on using your pine cones as decorations in bowls or on wreaths, continue below. If you plan on hanging your pinecones as ornaments, securely glue your ribbon in place in the opening here, and proceed to step eight to cover the spot where the ribbon was attached.
 pine cone ornament felt pinecone ornament craft
To create a felt stem, simply roll an uncut felt circle on itself and glue the overlap. Attach one end of your stem to the paper that is still showing on the pinecone.
pinecone ornament craft ideas
Step Seven:
Once you have glued your ribbon or stem in lace, cover where it is attaached with two more halves of felt circles. Curl and cup them slightly to curve upwards so that they will cover more and overlap each other more.
felt pine cone instructions
Repeat this process until you have enough pinecones for your fall decorations!
how to make pinecone garland
xperiment with what style of pinecone you like best. Would you like a pinecone that is all one color? Or would you prefer a few different fun shades?
felt pinecone tutorial
Whatever type of handmade pinecone you like best, they are sure to make this autumn more fun and festive for you. How will you decorate for fall with  our felt pine cone craft tutorial? What other fun fall activities do you have planned this year?


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