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diy first communion headband

The first time a child receives communion is a momentous occasion, both for those receiving First Communion as well as their family members. It is often a festive occasion where children will wear their Sunday best. Although it is possible to buy a veil or headband wherever communion dresses are sold, it is much more special to make your own DIY First Communion Accessories.

It is not difficult to put together a DIY hairpiece for first communion, and it can be customized according to taste or preference. We kept the palette of our girl’s first communion hair pieces to be fairly neutral whites and creams, but if the dress that you are coordinating to has any embellishments you could always play those up by adding beads or embellishments to your first communion hairpiece that will compliment those details. These headbands could even be embellished to match a flower girl dress for a wedding, or made to suit a smaller head for a baptism accessory.

Supplies needed:



first communion headpiece tutorial

Step 1:

Decide whether you would like a solid, glitter or stretch lace elastic as the base of your headband and cut either your stretch lace or your elastic to size. Our headband sizes range from 18 inches (large- adult size) to 13 (extra small- infant). Most grade school children will be around the small to medium range of 15 or 16 inches, but you can adjust accordingly. Always allow an extra half an inch of elastic for the overlap at the ends. Once you have secured ends with a dot of hot glue or fabric glue, back with a felt circle so that you will have more area to secure your fabric flowers and embellishments.

first communion headband tutorial

Step 2:

If you would prefer not to back with a felt circle, you can wrap an additional piece of lace or elastic around the glued eds of your stretch ace or elastic. This will secure the ends and provide a small amount of extra backing to which you will be able to attach embellishments.

diy first communion accessories first communion headband tutorial
how to make a first communion headband first communion headband DIY

Step 3:

Now that your head band has a solid backing, you are able to add your first layer of embellishments such as feathers, tulle or birdcage netting. These can be placed lightly with a small dot of glue, as the next layer of embellishments will also be secured in place with glue- these layers will hold everything in place. If you are using birdcage netting, add a small square to the bottom of the headband to frame the face. Feathers or a long tulle veil should point away from the face, towards the back of the head.

first communion veil diyfirst communion headband how to

Step 4:

Play with the arrangement of your top decorative layers of flowers and embellishments until you find an arrangement that you like before you secure with glue.

first communion hair accessorydiy first communion headband veil
how to first communion hairpiecehow to make a first communion headband
first communion headband tutorial tutorial first communion hair accessory

We finished some of our flowers with extra rhinestones or pearls to give the first communion accessories a bit more personality. If you are making these DIY headbands as a hair accessory for a flower girl dress or a baptism dress, you can customize the embellishments to bring out details and colors in the dress. Any special occasion can be made even more special with a custom headband that was handmade with love.


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