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table number centerpieceThere are so many special events coming up in the summer to celebrate! We love dressing up an event with handmade party decorations. Creating our own decorations helps us customize our theme more than what is available at the store- because staying on budget for party decorations means we  will be able to budget for even more parties! With that in mind, there is no need to sacrifice style while decorating on a budget! That is why we were so happy with how easy and affordable this Flower Pot Centerpiece was to make- it is hard to argue with a budget centerpiece idea that can be done in advance! Although flowers could certainly be added to this centerpiece, we love the look of this centerpiece without flowers as well. We thinking this looks nice enough to be a DIY wedding centerpiece you can make in advance, though it is quick and simple enough that it could be a simple baby shower centerpiece. It would also be the perfect DIY decoration for an outdoor garden party!

We found this terracotta pot in our garden center (it is that time of year, after all!) and inspiration struck. However, if you are the type of person who might have a few pots or other jars lying around the house that you are thinking of re-purposing, this is the perfect use! Wrapping lace around a few mismatched pots, vases or jars is a great way to tie them all together- just make sure that you wash everything well first and let it dry.  If you are looking for a larger scale of centerpieces, thrift stores can be a great source of terracotta pots looking to be make into beautiful DIY centerpieces!

Supplies Needed to make Lace Centerpiece:

  • 2 inch stretch lace
  • hot glue or craft glue
  • Flower Pot or other vessel to embellish
  • twine or ribbon
  • twigs or paper straws
  • beads, pearls or stones to fill flower pot base

wedding centerpieces table number

Step One:

Begin by deciding how you want to wrap your lace on your pot. Would you like it to be completely covered in lace, or would you prefer a band around the middle? Either could look lovely, of course. We have also though about cutting out a patchy pattern of the lace and attaching it to a flower pot, but that is another centerpiece for another day! For today, we decided to do an all-over wrap with the lace. This would allow us to take advantage of the stretchy nature of the lace. The elastic allows it to perfectly wrap around the flower pot and sit snugly on the curves without bunching or gapping. Our lace was a bit wider than half the height of the pot, so we started wrapping with the bottom of our lace  slightly above center, where the top of the second piece of lace would just meet the bottom of the first. This gave us just enough extra to wrap over the lip of the flower pot.We secured as we went with hot glue, though this can be a bit tricky with lace since the hot glue sometimes wants to ooze through the lace. If you decide to use craft glue instead of hot glue, long clothespins can help to hold everything in place. If you give hot glue a try, we recommend using lots of thing “smears” of hot glue, focusing the bulk of the glue on the parts of the lace where the embroidery is thicker. It is fairly forgiving if you work quickly. If any glue is showing and is terribly distracting, you can always cover it with a pretty decorative flower, and add a few more to make it decorative. We love turning a mistake into a feature!

wedding table centerpieces diy

Step Two:

Continue to wrap intil the lace begins to overlap. Trim so that there is only about 1/4 inch of overlap and secure in place. Fold the top edge over and secure in place with your choice of adhesive.

wedding table centerpieces without flowers

Step Three:

Begin to glue the second piece of lace so that the top is just slightly touching the bottom of the first layer.

wedding centerpieces on a budget

Step Four:

Continue to glue and wrap as before.

wedding ideas budget

Step Five:

To make bunting flags for your centerpiece, cut one inch wide strips of your lace. If you would like to use your centerpieces to denot table numbers or to spell a special message, use your twine or ribbon to spell letters on your lace flags. If you are using craft glue, write the letter in glue then lay the twine on top, clipping in place with clothespins while they dry. If you are using hot glue you will need to go in reverse so that the glue doesn’t dry before you are done. Shape your twine into your number or letter, secure with a dot of glue at one end, working through the letter one small dot at a time until the entire letter has been secured in place. We happened to have some mini clothespins on hand to help hold the letters in place while we glued. Lay out the bunting flags to decide how you want to space and hang them. Keep in mind the width of your flower pot, and whether you want your banner to hang in one pot or between two.

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Step Six:

Add a dot of hot glue to your paper straw or twig that will hold your bunting, and wrap with ribbon or twine until the dot of glue has been completely covered. If you like, you could finish this with a pretty bow or even a fabric flower to make it look more finished.

wedding centerpieces table number


Step Seven:

Lay a bead of glue along the top of each penant and press the ribbon or twine on top of the glue to secure in place.  Fill your terracotta pot with beads or rocks and stick your paper straws or twigs in to hold them in place. terra cotta centerpiecesower pot centerpiece ideas

We just love how cute and versatile this project is. It is an easy way to make your own table numbers, but the banners could also spell out different messages like “cake” and “drinks” if your guests need a little direction. We could even see making an accessory to go with the wedding guest book by turning the lace pot into a pen holder to go with a guest book- just wrap the pens in twine and top them  with a pretty lace banner or a pretty flower! The sky is really the limit with this flower pot centerpiece, and we hope it adds and extra special and beautiful touch to your already special day!


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