Fourth of July Hair Accessories


fourth of july hair accessoriesAs the days are getting longer and the sun is getting warmer, our minds start turning to all things summer- we are already looking forward to the picnics, the fireworks and of course, the Fourth of July! So it should be no surprise that we were looking for a cute way to show off our patriotic spirit by making an assortment of DIY Fourth of July Hair Accessories! 

One of the things that comes to mind when we think of the breezy days of summer are the bright colors of spinning pinwheels. The shape of a pinwheel is like a symbol for fun in the sun! So we decided to make some felt pinwheel hair accessories, and use some of our fun patriotic embellishments to make them the perfect patriotic hair accessory for this summer!  If you are looking to make a wide variety of red, white and blue hair accessories, our patriotic hair accessory kit has a wide variety of fun elastics and embellishments that are perfect for a beautiful fourth of July theme.

Materials Needed to Make Felt Pinwheel Hair Accessories:

Step One:

To get started with your felt pinwheel, stack together 2 or three colors of felt. If you use felt circles that are the same size they will show equally inside and out. If you stack a few from largest to smallest, the small circles will show a peek-a-boo of color on the inside. Both look great! Cut equal slits around the circle to divide it into quarters, stopping at least 1/4 of an inch short of the center.Take one corner of on of these corners and fold it to the center, securing each layer with hot glue. felt pinwheel headbandfelt pinwheel hair clip

Step Two:

Continue folding one corner of each quarter to the center and securing with glue. Make sure to pull the same corner of each quarter in each time for symmetry. A you can see, we folded the left side towards the center each time. It doesn’t matter which side you pick, as long as you stay consistent for each arm of the pinwheel.

fourth of july hair clip fourth of july headband

Step Three:

Once you have completed your pinwheel shape, flip it over to add hardware (skip hardware if you plan on attaching it to flowers or directly to a headband). We chose a brooch/ pin combo so that the felt pinwheel could be pinned into the hair or worn on a shirt. If you will only be wearing the clip in your hair, partially lined alligator clips are a great choice. A generous dab of hot glue will secure these in place.

fourth of july hair accessory 4th of july hair accessory

Step Four:

Add embellishments! We have such a fun variety of red white and blue buttons and embellishments that there is no end to the ways that you can embellishment your patriotic hair clips!

fourth of july pinwheel fourth of july pinwheel 4th of july hair clippatriotic headband

If you have any questions regarding making felt pinwheels let us know, or check out the video below:

One fun way to change up the ways that you wear your patriotic hair clips is to attach it to an interchangeable headband! Or add flowers and other embellishments to a felt circle so you have an even more colorful and festive hair clip to wear on the 4th of July!

felt pinwheel hair accessories We can’t wait to sport these fun red white and blue hair clips and headbands this 4th of July! They will be perfect to wear to parades and for watching fireworks- we cant wait! Wherever your patriotic Fourth of July hair accessories take you this summer, we hope you have a safe and fun holiday!


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