Fun Thanksgiving Activity for Kids


fun thanksgiving activities for studentsThanksgiving can be a crazy hectic time- filled with family, food and a lot of other wonderful things. With as crazy as things can get for the adults around Thanksgiving, it can be a good idea to plan some Thanksgiving crafts for kids to keep them occupied.  If you have a little one who is working on matching colors or learning how to button, this Fun Thanksgiving Activity for Kids is sure to challenge their skills and keep them busy!

If you want to mix things up, you could ask that your little one matches different buttons colors with different feathers- button the blue feather to the red button etc. You could neven prompt your child to be creative and invent a story based on the rainbow tailed turkey! To add even more dimension to your thanksgiving craft, you can even leave the bottom open to make it an adorable turkey finger puppet!

UPDATE: We have created a Turkey Finger Puppet Printable to make it even easier to make your own adorable felt turkey! Use our feather, beak, waddle and turkey shapes to trace onto your felt, then simply cut them out!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Thanksgiving Activity Turkey Craft:

turkey craft materials

Step One:
Begin by cutting a long feather shape from each of your felt circles. If you would like, you can draw or stitch additional feather details onto your felt feathers at this point.
kids thanksgiving ideas
Step Two:
Mark a line towards the bottom of your felt circle that is slightly longer than the buttons you are using. Cut along this line. This is the dotted line on the printable, so cut there if you are using the printable.
turkey craft kids

Step Three:
Sew your button in place on a large brown felt circle, then slip your feather over the button. This way you have a guide for how close to sew the second button on (allowing for the space of the next feather as well).
turkey crafts preschoolers
Step Four:
Continue to sew on your buttons and space your feathers until they are all in place.
thanksgiving activities for kids

Step Five:
Once you have sewn all your buttons on, create a body and head from the lighter brown felt. You can overlap a smaller and a larger felt circle, or cut a roughly “bowling pin” shape from a large felt circle, as we did. We also cut a triangle of orange from the leftover felt to make a beak, and a rough squiggle of red from the scrap felt to make his distinctive turkey waddle. His eyes were simply small circles from the leftover purple.
fun thanksgiving games for kids
Step Six:
To cover the sewing on the back of our turkey, we covered the back with another large brown felt circle. We secured this in place with hot glue, but if you prefer you could remove the feathers and stitch around the edges. Remember, if you leave a gap at the bottom, the two sides of your turkey can now be a finger puppet!
easy thanksgiving crafts for kids thanksgiving crafts for kids to make
We hope you enjoyed this easy thanksgiving craft and will give it a try! Will there be any other boredom busters at your thanksgiving table? What does your family have planned to keep the little ones entertained? If you try this or any other fun thanksgiving activity for kids we would love to hear about it!


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