Halloween Headband Ideas


Here at My Sunshine Shoppe, we just can’t wait for Halloween to get here! It is such a fun, festive holiday that inspired us to create two different DIY headbands specifically for it. Making a Halloween headband is the simplest and easiest way to dress up any holiday outfit or spooky costume! With Halloween quickly approaching, these two Halloween-inspired headbands are perfect for babies on up through adults. They can be made on a satin lined headband for older children and adults, or they can be crafted on skinny or quarter inch elastic for babies and toddlers to better stay in place on those little ones’ heads.

DIY Halloween Headband DIY Halloween Headband

Pumpkin Ears Headband:

Homemade Halloween Headband

Pumpkin Costume Accessory

Line up the felt circle with the top of the pumpkin (not including the stem) and keep the bottom 1/4 inch of the felt circle “free” from any glue during this step. Using hot glue on both sides of your cardstock, sandwich your thick paper between one felt circle and one chiffon pumpkin. This is to add stiffness to the pumpkins to make sure they stand up in place. Then, place the pumpkin along the headband where you would like it to remain. Again, using hot glue, cover that 1/4 inch portion of the felt circle and wrap it around the headband to secure it in place. Repeat for second pumpkin ear to finish your DIY Halloween pumpkin headband which is perfect for any festive costume.

Cat Ear Headband:

Homemade Halloween Headband

Halloween Cat Ears Heaband

To start this Halloween cat ear headband idea, cut your felt circles into four matching-sized triangles. Add a dab of hot glue to the top point of one triangle and line up with another triangle, keeping the bottom edge of the triangles open and free of glue, as they will be wrapped around the satin lined headband. Then, place the triangle along the headband, where you would like it to remain permanently. Make sure to leave enough room between the two ‘ears’ for the orange hair bow. Using more glue, wrap the open end of the triangle around the headband, securing it with the glue. You will then carefully wrap the lace around each of the triangles following the different angles, covering the felt circles up entirely. Once the felt circle is covered with enough lace, cut the remaining lace off, if there is any, and hot glue the end so that is lays smooth and flat. This gives the illusion that the cat ears are made solely of beautiful black stretch lace. Next, add a small amount of hot glue directly to the headband, centered between the ears, and quickly adhere the orange chiffon bow to that glue. Gently press down to secure the bow in place. Then, use a dab of glue to center the Halloween bat button onto the hair bow to complete your DIY Halloween headband.

Add either of these two homemade Halloween headband ideas to any special outfit or costume to create an extra spooktacular look. Wear with simple matching colored clothes to quickly transform into a cat, or with an entire matching costume for your own unique look this October. Make for Halloween party favors, for your young child to wear along side matching legwarmers for a school event, or just for yourself to dress up on the holiday occasion. Both of these costume accessories require such few products and can be created in just minutes using a bit of hot glue and your imagination!


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