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ideas halloween wreath decoratingAs the Halloween season is fast approaching, we are getting more and more excited! With costumes to make and candy to buy, we knew that we needed to make a fun homemade fall wreath to signal that we were getting ready to receive trick or treaters-  but we didn’t want to spend too much time or money! This Halloween Pumpkin Wreath was the perfect project for that- it came together quickly, and we could go on with our Halloween decoration and planning!

We love a project that can use up some of the odds and ends that we always have lying around. Today’s inspiration was lids. They were the perfect bubbly circle shape to make our pretty fall pumpkins for our wreaths, so they were upcycled for to fit our fall decoration theme.

Supplies Needed to Make a Halloween Pumpkin Wreath:

pumpkin wreath how to make

Step One:
Gather your lids and elastics. Inside the lip of your first lid, secure the end of one of your lengths of elastic with hot glue to the inside of your lid.
make homemade fall wreath
Begin to wrap your elastic around your lid, securing occasionally with a small dot of glue on one of the edges.
homemade fall wreath ideasContinue to wrap and secure with glue until you have covered the entire lid. Trim and secure the end of your elastic to the back with glue.
halloween wreath ideaspumpkin wreath ideas
Use a similar technique for different sizes and shapes of lids. If your lid has a smaller opening, work with that. If there is no opening on your lid you will need to wrap around the entire lid until it is covered.
fall pumpkin wreath tutorial
Step Two:
Once you have wrapped all of your lids, you will complete their transformation into pumpkins by adding a stem and the customary curly vine that signals “hey, I’m a pumpkin!” We found two different ways to make cute stems and vines, but you may come up with even more! The first way we made stems was to use a trimmed down brown paper straw, though a small trimmed stick would work as well. Then we wrapped the end of a stamen flower a few times around another straw to give it a curly vine effect. The stem of the flower stays curled since it is constructed with a type of floral wire that retains the the shape it has been twisted into. make halloween wreath
We think that these two together work together to make an adorable pumpkin stem. It looks like the base of the stem has been decorated with the daintiest little flower!
make autumn wreath
Another way that we made a cute little stem for our pumpkin was with green jute (natural just would look very cute for this as well. To make the stem, simply wrap the jute around a straw or stick and glue it in place. For the curly vine, we stuck a piece of floral wire inside the vine and secured the ends with glue, then wrapped the entire piece around a straw for a cute curly effect.
how to make a fall pumpkin wreath
Once you have created your vines and stems, secure in place with a dot of hot glue. If you go a little glue crazy, just cover it up with more jute or flowers.
deco mesh pumpkin wreath tutorial
Step Three:
Once you have created all of your pumpkins, arrange them in a way that you find pleasant. We decided to cluster our small pumpkins on one side, but the arrangement is up to you. Play around with it until you are satisfied, then secure in place with floral wire or hot glue.
mesh pumpkin wreath
Choose your favorite fall elastic or ribbon, and hang your handmade fall wreath on your door to show that you are ready for whatever this fall brings!
diy fall wreath ideas
We think that the mini pumpkins are just darling, and could be cute used in almost any fall decoration as well. Maybe to spruce up a fall centerpiece or to make a festive fall bunting? Or even as a cute gift topper or another kind of hanging fall ornament! We love creating recycled decorations for all seasons, and hope you liked this Halloween pumpkin wreath as much as we loved making it!  If you end up using any of the new elastics from our Halloween collection be sure to let us know. We love seeing what creative things our customers come up with!



  1. I like this wreath idea simply because it’s so different than anything i’ve seen out there. Easy to do without to much equipment involved as well! Easy for other holidays too, or just to get rid of some excess ribbon/bands.

    • I am so glad you liked it! Stash-buster projects are always fun to use up some loose ends. If you try this wreath for fall or another holiday be sure to show us, that sounds so fun!

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