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burlap wreath tutorial

We are so excited that warmer weather is on the way! Now that we will be out and about in the sunshine, we wanted to make a wreath that was equally sunny and inviting for our front door. We gathered a selection of sunny yellow and green fabric flowers to decorate our Handmade Burlap Wreath, and we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly our DIY spring door wreath came together! Which is great, because we are exited to get back out and soak up some of that sunshine! If the colors of our wreath happen to support a local college we swear it is entirely coincidental (Go NDSU Bison!).

Since we wanted a two-toned wreath, we ended up having enough burlap left over to make a braided wreath hanger. If you don’t quite have enough burlap, or if you would like to mix up your colors or textures a bit, this wreath would also look lovely hung from a strip of ribbon or even braided twine.  We even love the contrast of using a glitter ribbon to hang your wreath, to add a touch of glam to the look of your burlap wreath! Whether you decide to go with springy pinks and pastels or a classy muted color palette, we are sure this adorable home decor burlap wreath will add a welcoming touch to your door that you will love.

Supplies Needed:

diy spring wreaths

Step 1:

We started by laying a bead of hot glue the width our our burlap roll along our wreath form. Be sure to use a low temp glue gun if your wreath form is Styrofoam. If you decided to use a craft glue instead, you can secure everything in place as you go with a few floral or stick pins.

Continue to wrap and glue in place until you are at least halfway around the form, making sure to allow enough overlap to avoid any glimpses of Styrofoam later. Once you are over halfway around, if you would like to switch colors of burlap just cut one roll, gluing and securing the ends in the back. Be sure to tuck the new end out of the way as well, although you can cover some of these unsightly ends with flowers or more burlap later.

homemade spring wreath

Step 2:

We decided that our wreath needed a bit more burlap texture once we were done wrapping, so we cut our burlap into small 2 or 3 inch squares and used what I can only call the “tissue paper pinata method”- center your material around the end of a pencil or stick that you don’t mind getting glue on, then gather the material down over the pencil like you are pulling a hat tightly onto it’s head. Stick the center of the fabric in a dot of glue. Depending on the stiffness of your burlap you may need to bend the burlap back towards the center again and secure with another dot of glue to maintain the “puff”.

Repeat this process until you have an attractively clustered puff of burlap. You can cover as much or as little of your wreath with this method- if you are low on burlap or have selected large flowers that you would prefer to use instead, feel free to skip this. If you end up with extra burlap squares, these are perfect for covering bald patches on your wreath, cutting leaf shapes from or helping to secure the wreath hanger in place later.

spring wreath made

Step 3:

We decided to add one more layer of burlap texture to our wreath. Begin by securing one end of the burlap strip to the back of your wreath, then begin to twist the burlap. Secure with glue, then continue to twist the burlap and wrap around your wreath until you are satisfied with the amount of texture you have added.  We liked the bubble texture that this gave to our wreath, and could see that it might look nice wrapped over even more, if not all of the wreath. Feel free to experiment! Secure the end with glue.

Burlap Wreath 4

Step 4:

We used 3 strips of burlap (approximately 1 yard each) to braid a wreath hanger, which we secured in the back with hot glue, and a square of burlap over the top for support. We think it would also look nice to simply use a strip of burlap or ribbon and tie a nice bow.

burlap wreath ideas

We added our wreath hanger before adding our final layer of flowers, since we liked being able to have something to hold our spring wreath by to see how everything looked together- but the order of doesn’t really matter. We put our largest flowers in place first and started to fill in smaller flowers around them until we were happy with the arrangement, then secured them in place with hot glue.

We are sure that this handmade DIY burlap wreath will brighten your door or wall and will bring some sunshine to the day of anyone who encounters it! Personally, we can’t wait to try this again next season!


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