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jute coaster DIY Hot apple cider season is a magical time of year! It is time for cinnamon and slippers and all things cozy and wonderful. So to celebrate the return of hot apple cider, we decided to braid a Handmade Coaster Set  that looked like a cute little bunch of apples! These diy coasters are perfect to keep your tables free from those ominous beverage rings, but they are also cute enough to give as a gift! The theme of our DIY coaster set was fall apples, so we made them in a variety of pretty apple shades. The same method could be used to make pretty fall pumpkin coasters or even pretty Christmas ornaments or snowballs if you are planning your gifts that far in advance!

Thanks to our wide variety of shades of bakers twine and jute thread, you can make any shade of pretty wrapped coasters that you can dream up! We love having jute and twine around- they always seem to come in handy for a variety of reasons! Use them to tie a pretty bow on a package, to hang a wreath on your front door, to tie together a bundle of flowers, and oh so much more! You will find yourself reaching for these handy materials for a variety of handy projects- and while you are working on these projects, your furniture will stay dry with these adorable handmade coasters!

Supplies Needed for Handmade Coaster Set:

  • large felt circles 
  • jute thread or bakers twine 
  • glue of choice (we like hot glue for the instant hold, but if you use a white or craft glue it will work just as well, you will just want to keep some clothespins on hand to hold everything in place while you work)

jute coaster supplies
Step One:
First, elect a color of twine or jute that will be the “stem” of your fruit. Cut three pieces of string approximately 8 inches long, then fold each of the string in half. Keep them looped so that each doubled string can be used to braid with.
jute coaster 1
Braid your strands together until you have a long enough braid to stick out as your “stem” as well as tuck under your coaster to hide the end. Secure the braided ends with a small dot of hot glue, or use craft glue and a clothespin to hold it in place.
jute coaster 2
Step Two:
If you would like to add a leaf to your coaster, choose a color of string that you would like for that leaf and cut three lengths of string approximately 16 inches long. Fold in half as before and braid, and wrap around itself and glue to a small piece of felt. Trim away any extra felt once your leaf is complete.
jute coaster 3 jute coaster 4

Step Three:
Select the color of string for the body of your drink coaster. Cut three strings at least 36 inches long and fold them in half again, looping in a way to hold them in place for braiding.
jute coaster 5
Continue to braid until you have reached the end, and secure the ends with a dot of glue.
drink coaster design
Step Four:
Once your braid is complete, glue the starting end of your long braid to the center of your felt circle.
handmade coaster ideas
Continue to wrap the braid around itself, using dots of glue to hold it flat against the felt circle and snug to the braid that it is coiling around.
drink coaster sets

As you get towards the outside of the felt circle, glue your leaf and stem in place, then wrap the braid that is forming the body of your coaster over the top and glue in place. Continue to wrap until your braid has ended and glue the tail in place well to prevent it from unraveling.
custom coaster sets
Repeat this process to make an entire bushel of coasters! We loved the rustic look of the jute thread in a range of fall shades, but we offer a range of jute and bakers twine that will allow you to make any variety of coasters that you can dream up!
 make your own drink coaster
So use them to keep your beverages toasty, or tie up a few with a pretty piece of twine and give them away as a unique handmade gift! This handmade coaster set is a fun way to show a little bit of seasonal spirit, but this technique could easily be adapted to make a variety of custom handmade coasters! If you give it a try we would love to hear from you- either leave a comment below or find us on social media. We love to see pictures of the creative things you do!



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