Handmade Felt Fortune Cookies


felt fortune cookie

We are always looking for unique ways to show someone that we care about them and think that they are extra special. If it is a heartfelt project that we can throw together in an afternoon, then that is even better! These Handmade Felt Fortune Cookies are such a fun way to sneak a little note into a handmade gift, we thought making a few would be the perfect way to express how you feel to the Dad in your life – perfect as a DIY Father’s Day gift! Some of our “fortunes” were goofy predictions like “You will catch a whopper of a fish!” and others were heartfelt sentiments of thanks and love. Some of our fortunes were even just decorative ribbon- just because!

Another thing we love about this project- it cuts out a lot of the annoying prep work by using our pre-cut felt circles! No need to trace and trim felt into perfect circles- you can get straight to the fun stuff! We could see crafting these DIY fortune cookies for a variety of uses – they would make a cute gift topper, party favor, or stocking stuffer, and could be made in a variety of colors to suit any event. How perfect is the idea of getting a fortune along with a big life event like a graduation or with a baby gift?

We are sure that these felt fortune cookies would be adorable in a natural almond color, but it is hard for us to resist any excuse to add more color to a project!  We even love the idea of giving these to a dad for him to wear as a lapel pin- because what Dad doesn’t love a fun conversation starter?


DIY Father's Day Gift

Step 1:

Cut a small piece of floral wire to the same width as your felt circle, secure in place. We liked hot clue for this project for the instant gratification. Other glues will work, though if you use a craft glue you may need to clothespin things in place until they have dried.

felt fortune cookie diy

Step 2:

Cut a small strip of felt circle to size to cover the piece of wire and secure with glue. Set the remainder of the cut felt circle aside to cut more strips for other fortune cookies later.

DIY Father's Day Gift Idea

Step 3:

Write a message on a piece of elastic, ribbon or felt that has been cut approximately to the length  of your felt circle.  We liked the matte look of  solid 5/8th elastic, though some of the printed elastics were really cute all on their own. Why write a complicated message when mustache elastic can say it all? Lay this message over where your wire has been glued in place. If it is too long you may need to roll your ribbon a bit at one end so that not too much of your message will hang out.

felt fortune cookie tutorial

Step 4:

Fold your felt circle in half along the line where the wire is.

Father's Day Gift Handmade

Step 5:

Make a small kink in the center with your fingers so that when you bend the corners back together, the wire will have a natural place to bend.

felt fortune cookie how-to

Step 6:

Fold the two edges of your fortune cookie together, and arrange the crease that will happen along the back edge until it looks like a pretty fortune cookie that you would want to eat, if it weren’t blue.

Father's Day Gift Idea

Continue to refold and arrange the cookie until it is the shape that your like. We used a fairly lightweight floral wire that made manipulating it very easy on our fingers, though it was just tough enough to keep everything in place.

Father's Day Gift

Continue to write fortunes and make cookies until you can fill up a cute basket or a to-go box!

Lapel Pin Father's Day

Another option is to add a brooch pin to one so that the Dad in your life can attach your handiwork to his collar! We are sure he will want to show off his handmade felt fortune cookies, along with all of the good fortune it is sure to bring! We hope you had as much fun crafting these DIY fortune cookies as we did – and we hope they bring the dad in your life a little bit of luck this Father’s Day!


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