Homemade Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornaments


make christmas ornamentsIt is never too early to start planning for your Christmas decorations! Things pick up speed this time of year and just fly by so fast, so we love any project that we can do well in advance- especially if it is a project that we can do while relaxing in front of the TV or a project to work on at the table with the kids- and this one fits the bill for both! Any handmade ornament is already more sentimental, but that goes double for ornaments make by kids! These Homemade Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornaments are the perfect way to get ready for the coming holiday season- make up a few to hang from your Christmas tree, to string onto a festive holiday bunting, or even make a few to be an extra special handmade Christmas gift topper!

If you have any random extra cookie cutters sitting around, this could be the perfect use for them! It seems like every multipack always comes with one or two cookie cutters that you will never really use for cookies, so now is the perfect time to put them to use! Plus, this time of year they are always going on sale- snatch up a few Christmas classics when they are deeply discounted to make these adorable DIY cookie cutter ornaments!

Materials needed to Make Your Own Cookie Cutter Ornaments:

  • cookie cutters
  • jute thread  (we used a natural shade of jute, but some of the fun poppy colors could be really cute too!)
  • holiday printed elastic, glitter elastic or a solid elastic in a pretty color
  • scissors and glue (we used hot glue, but if you are doing this project with kids a white all purpose glue will work just fine)

cookie cutter ornament materials
If you are using hot glue, start by putting a dot of glue on the interior of your cookie cutter and press your twine into the glue. If you are using a white glue or craft glue, begin by first tying a knot with your jute around your cookie cutter. Then, add glue to your cookie cutter and begin to wrap your twine around your cookie cutter.
homemade cookie cutter christmas ornaments diy cookie cutter christmas ornament
Continue adding more glue to your cookie cutting, then wrapping your jute to cover where you have added glue.
diy cookie cutter christmas ornament
When you reach the end, simply trim your jute to end on the inside of your cookie cutter and secure with a bit more glue. If you are using white glue you may want to tie a knot or hold your end in place with a clothespin while your glue dries.
homemade christmas ornaments for kids
Once your cookie cutter has been completely wrapped, add a loop of either twine or elastic to your ornament so that it can be hung.
homemade christmas ornaments ideas
Experiment with different shapes of cookie cutters or different colors of jute!

diy christmas ornaments
We tied our elastic with big square knots and trimmed the ends at an angle, exactly how we tie our elastic hair ties.
homemade christmas ornamentschristmas cookie cutter crafts
We even left a few cookie cutters bar, and just used the elastic and twine as an embellishment! We think the silver will look lovely with the Christmas lights- and it is always fun to have a good mix of styles! With the squirrel below we tied a knot around the cookie cutter, then glued the ends of the elastic together to form a loop.
homemade christmas ornament ideas
It would even be cute to add modern stripes of color by covering a portion of the cookie cutter!
homemade frugal craft ideas
Experiment a little bit to figure out what you like best- or make a mix!
homemade christmas gifts ideas
Yes, we used the holiday elastic to make a Christmas scarf for our brontosaurus ornament. How could we resist?

We had a lot of fun getting ready for Christmas early. What do you think of our idea for homemade cookie cutter Christmas ornaments? What are you doing to prepare yourself for the holidays? Do you have any handmade holiday traditions? Let us know in the comments below!


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