Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas


homemade teacher appreciation giftsWe are BIG fans of teachers at My Sunshine Shoppe!  We are also firm believers that just because a job may be challenging and rewarding, that does not mean it needs to be a thankless job! The official teacher appreciation week does not kick off until the first week in May, but why wait? Tell your favorite educator of young minds that you think they are awesome with one ore more of these Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas! 

We love the idea of a handmade craft for teachers to let them know how much you really care. Thank you gifts for teachers can be simple and easy- it is really just the fact that you took the time to show that you recognize the hard work and efforts of the educators in your life. We hope some of these ideas will inspire you to show those teachers how great your think they are!

A DIY Flower Pen is a fun way to give a beautiful gift that will beautify your favorite teacher’s desk and keep her pen from wandering off! Learn how to make your own  with our flower pen tutorial.
DIY Flower Pens Homemade
Another popular gift idea is to provide teachers with some of the supplies that they are required to buy- so why not fill up a pretty DIY tote with useful supplies? That way they will have a handy tote bag, filled with all of those pens they need for grading! Why not make an old school t-shirt into a themed tote bag with our no- sew t-shirt bag tutorial. It will be less expensive and more meaningful to repurpose an old shirt with a school logo.
t shirt tote bag no sew
We do love the idea of giving useful little tokens, and thought that using pretty paperclips that were knotted with a decorative printed elastic made wonderful little bookmarks. To get started simply fold the elastic in half and cut out a decorative notch.
things to make for teachersthank you gifts for teachers handmade


Loop your elastic through to make a pretty knot.

best handmade teacher giftsteacher appreciation gift ideas to make
Make a few and attach them to a pretty card or stick them inside of a book meant for the teacher or their classroom.

teacher appreciation homemade gift ideasmake teacher appreciation gift ideas
Another fun way to use some of our school themed elastic is to make few DIY elastic hair ties to give as a gift if your teacher has long hair. Even if they don’t normally wear their hair up, sometimes a hair tie just comes in handy! We have found that fold over elastic hair ties are especially nice, since they won’t leave a crease in the hair or hurt your wrist when you take your hair down. We love options! Find out how to make this cute school spirit hair accessory  on our blog.
easy teacher appreciation gifts
One more cute way to use our fold over elastic is on our mason jar lid ornaments– they look adorable on their own or grouped into a wreath! We made a pumpkin wreath with this style, but apples just have that quintessential “thank you teacher” vibe! Either way, we think this would look wonderful on the wall of a teacher’s classroom.
first day of school ornaments DIY mason jar lid craft
If you are looking to give your favorite teacher a little something to decorate their desk, a decorative cork board is always a hit! We started by cutting off the raised end off of our pushpins so that we could make them into cute little flower pushpins- but you could probably avoid this dangerous step if you have any tacks that have a flat top. If you do cut the tops off your pushpins with wire cutters like we did, please wear protective eyewear.
teacher appreciation homemade gift ideas teacher appreciation crafts
After we hot glued all of our flowers to the pins, we embellished them with some acrylic buttons to add some sparkle.
teacher appreciation ideas
Our decorative flowers were made with phoebe pearl flowers, petite princess flowers and mini rhinestone wrinkle flowers. After our pushpins were made, we put a square of cork in a decorative frame and covered it with two layers of lace trim to complete the look. 
homemade teacher appreciation gifts
If you think that the teacher in your life would like to use pretty flowers to keep notes and photos within view, another option would be to add a magnet to the back of some decorative fabric flowers. This is especially useful if you know that their classroom happens to have some undecorated file cabinets!

If your teacher is a beverage lover, they might appreciate a handmade coaster set to protect their desk from liquid rings. These apple coasters would be very cute tied up with a piece of bakers twine and a little note saying thank you!
custom coaster sets
We hope these homemade teacher appreciation gift ideas will get your creative juices flowing! The most important part is letting those important figures in the lives of our kids know that their efforts are appreciated. Pair one of these ideas with a card drawn by your little one and say a hearty thank you today!



  1. Such cute ideas! I have my first child starting school this year, so lot’s of future “Teacher Gifts” to make! 🙂

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