How to Decorate Summer Flip Flops


September may be here, but we are not ready to give up on summer and warm weather just yet! If you have a pair of plain flip flops laying around and you want an inexpensive way to jazz them up, the follow along with this step by step tutorial. We will show you a quick and easy DIY process on how to embellish your summer flip flops. There are so many ways you can decorate your DIY flip flops, which is a great alternative to those plain everyday sandals to wear for weddings, birthdays, other special events, or just for a fun night out on the town!

Supplies needed:

DIY How to decorate flip flops

Step 1

Lay the rhinestone trim along the band of the flip flop from center to end, and cut the rhinestone trim down to the size needed. And then cut the rhinestone trim in half, down the center line. We do this so that the trim fits better along the band and does not hang off either side. If you band is thick enough, you may chose to keep both rows of rhinestone trim together for even more sparkle and bling!

DIY How to decorate flip flops

Step 2

DIY How to decorate flip flopsUsing your hot glue, E6000 or fabric tac adhesive glue, apply a generous line down the middle of the band on the flip flop. Then, quickly place the rhinestone trim along the glue down the center of the band. Press down to make sure the trim is completely secure. To make sure the hot glue stays hot enough to hold the trim, you may need to apply glue and then apply the rhinestone trim in pieces instead of all at one time.

DIY How to decorate flip flops DIY How to decorate flip flops

Step 3

Add all of your chosen embellishments to your flip flop. To do this, put dabs of hot glue on the back side of the flowers and bow, one at a time and place along the flip flop band. Although we added the flip flop decorations to the center and inside of the flip flop, you are certainly able to add them to the outside ridge of the sandal so they will be placed on the outside of the foot and will be more easily seen.

How to embellish flip flops How to embellish flip flops How to embellish flip flopsHow to embellish flip flops How to embellish flip flops How to embellish flip flopsHow to embellish flip flops  How to embellish flip flops

Now you have seen one way to decorate your flip flops! We hope you have enjoyed this DIY summer sandals tutorial to embellish your flip flops to make them pop with color and fun. Mix and match colors along with choice of flowers, bows, flat back buttons, rhinestone trim, appliques, and other embellishments to create your own one-of-a-kind sandal look. You may choose to only add one central flower in the middle, to just add rhinestone trim alone, or line the entire band with embellishments. The combinations that can be created are never-ending!

Make these beautiful decorated flip flop creations for your daughter, for yourself, or make matching ones for the two of you. These make great, unique gifts too! You could easily make these for a flower girl to wear in a wedding, for a birthday surprise, a holiday party, a mother-daughter craft project, for yourself during a day at the beach in the summer, or for a spring/summer outfit accessory. Coordinate colors to match a special specific outfit and occasion, or stay with a neutral-toned color palette to wear with more everyday outfits – the choices are yours.


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