How to Make a Beaded Headband


With spring and summer coming up soon, also comes date nights, prom nights and wedding season and what better way to spruce up an outfit than with an inexpensive and easy to make DIY beaded headband! We have such a large selection of beaded trim headband patterns available for you to make your own unique look. Follow along with this step by step tutorial to find out how to make a beaded headband that is sure to be perfect for your special occasion.

The nice thing about creating your own DIY fashionable headband is that you can 1) be sure that the headband will fit any sized head as it will be custom made and 2) pick out your own trim, how much trim, and matching wholesale elastic to create different color combinations.

diy beaded headband

For an adult sized headband we used:

For a child sized headband we used:

  • 10 inches of bead trim
  • 7.5 inches of skinny elastic (or 1/4 inch elastic)
  • 1 or 2 1 inch felt circles (cut in half)

You are able to choose how much trim and how much elastic is used on your own homemade headband. We used just enough of the beautiful beaded trim to go past one’s ears, but you are certainly able to use more or less. As a general rule of thumb, since our trim is not stretchy you can plan on adding an extra two inches of stretchy elastic onto the measurement total to be sure that the headband will fit. Shown below is our standard headbands made of 100% elastic. To find out how much trim and elastic to use, simply add two inches onto the total and be sure your elastic + your trim = that total amount. For example, the adult elastic headband is normally 18 inches, but since we are using nonstretch trim for the majority of our beaded headband we want to make the total equal 20 inches (18+2). With 12 inches of trim we then need 8 inches of elastic to complete the 20 inch headband (12+8=20).

  • { Premie } 11.5-12.5″
  • { Newborn } 13.5″
  • { 0-1 Year } 14.5″
  • { 1-6 Years} 15.5″
  • {Child-teen} 17″
  • { Adults } 18″

Step 1:

Measure out your trim and your elastic and cut to size. In this tutorial we are making an adult sized headband so our elastic was cut to 8 inches and our trim was cut to 12 inches.

How to make a beaded headband
Step 2:

Trim off any excess mesh on the sides of the beaded trim, if needed. Then lightly singe the mesh with a lighter to seal the ends and melt away any extra that you may have missed with the scissors.

How to make a beaded headband diy beaded headband
Step 3:

Add a line of hot glue, about 1/4 to 1/2 long, to the back side of your beaded trim and lay your skinny elastic on top. Press down to secure the elastic.

beaded trim headband wholesale beaded trim headband wholesale
Step 4:

Add a dab of hot glue to your felt circle (cut in half) and place on top of your elastic. Be sure to match up the flat edge of the felt circle with the very end of your trim piece. Then, cut off the excess felt circle so that the felt fits the trim perfectly. This not only gives extra strength and support to your elastic headband, but it also gives your DIY beaded headband a nice, finished look. Then, loop the elastic around to the other, open side of the trim and repeat to complete your headband project.

 beaded headband instructions beaded headband patterns
beaded headband patterns beaded headband tutorial
Some of our beaded trim, has beads that may continue to fray and fall off at the ends. These type of trims may require another felt circle cut in half. You may need this extra felt circle to ‘sandwich’ your elastic and beaded trim between the two felt circles to secure both the BEADING and the ELASTIC. If this is the case, simply remove a few rows of beads on the very end of the trim piece measuring about 1/4 to 1/2 inch long and then place half your felt circle on the top (over any thread to secure the ends) and the other half, along with your skinny elastic piece, on the bottom.

DIY beaded headband designs DIY beaded headband designs
beaded headband tutorial beaded headband tutorial DIY beaded headband tutorial
As you can see, all of our gorgeous beaded trim, bead and prim trim, as well as our rhinestone trim makes beautiful DIY headbands no matter the occasion! Wear with an up-do or with your hair down, wear an elegant black piece such as our BEADED TRIM – MS0242 for a classy prom look, wear with your hair up and kept out of your way with our RHINESTONE TRIM – BRIDAL look on your wedding day for you, your bridesmaids or the flower girl. You could even add flowers or metal rhinestone buttons to these DIY beaded headbands to really show off your homemade hair accessory piece. With over twenty beaded, pearl, and rhinestone trim headband options to choose from, you are sure to find one that is right for you!


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