How to Make a Fabric Flower Garland


make your own flower garland As you may have noticed, we are gearing up for party season around here! We absolutely love making DIY party decorations, and any excuse to make a some fun handmade party decorations is good enough for us! So in honor of our sixth birthday party celebration, we decided to share with you How to Make a Fabric Flower Garland! This is an easy way to decorate that comes together quickly, but definitely makes a huge, fun impact- everything is better when you make your own decorations! We are using our garland as a birthday party decoration, but wedding garland, fabric flower photo backdrops and beautiful home decor can all be made with this beautiful and easy technique!

We used skinny elastic to string our flower garland, since we love that the stretch allows us to use our garland in a variety of situations, and is tough enough to be used and reused! We also love the look of a floating flower garland, which can be made in the same way we outline below by simply substituting a clear nylon beading thread for the elastic! Since we are such pink lovers, we stuck with the pink Addison flower, but any fluffy fabric flower can look equally beautiful strung up! When we have done similar projects in the past we have loved the look of burlap flowers, Amelia blossoms, and so many more! So you can make any special decoration that much more custom by picking out just the right fabric flower!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Fabric Flower Garland:

fabric flower garland how to

To get started, first decide how long you would like your strands of garland to be. Even if you are covering an entire ceiling or wall in swags of garland, it is helpful to break your garland up into smaller sections. We cut our elastic into some 2 and 3 yard sectioons, and left a few as 5 yard bundles. What works best for you depends on how you are using it, how worried you are about any tangles, etc.
 how to make a flower garland for wedding
If you like, you can start your bunting by threading a bead through the end of your elastic. This way you can simply wrap your elastic around any pole or object, and when you loop the bead back through the elastic it will be held in place- no need for pushpins or tape.
flower garland diy
Begin to add flowers at even intervals. We chose every nine inches, but your spacing might change depending on the size of your flowers or string. Play around a bit to decide what you like, then lay a flower facing down at that spot. Cover the felt circle backing in glue and place the elastic across the center.
how to make a floral garland

Add your second flower over the top so the felt circles are touching, adding more glue if you are afraid that you won’t have enough to hold the two flowers together- just be sure you don’t add so much that the glue squeezes out the side.
diy flower garland wedding
Continue to add flowers at your chosen intervals. If you are doing a small bunting for above a doorway or fireplace you may want to place them much closer together- even touching. This could be especially cute if you are doing a variety of colors or styles of flowers too.
diy fabric garland backdrop
We also love the look of a using a pretty flower bunting as a diy floral backdrop. I mean, you already know that there will be tons of photos taken at your party anyhow- why not give them a backdrop for their selfies? It is especially nice to have a personalized wedding backdrop that serves as both a focal point for your event and a handmade touch that will be in all of the photos from your big day!diy fabric flower garland
There are two ways to turn your handmade garland into a pretty fabric flower backdrop- either make multiple strings that will be attached to one main rope or pole to be hung (think of it like a diy beaded curtain but with flowers) or weave your strings back and forth in a zigzag pattern on a wall or between two poles. This works especially well if you are looking for a backdrop that has stripes of colors or even a pretty ombré striped backdrop!

If you would like to see a bit more of how we made our flower garland, check out the youtube video that we put together below:

With all of these fun ways to use a handmade garland, we really how our little tutorial on how to make a fabric flower garland has you feeling inspired! If you are making your own wedding garland or are decorating with a floral garland or other homemade decorations for an upcoming party, let us know what your plans are! It is always fun to see your handiwork!


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