How to make a Fairy Headband


make your own flower head band One of very favorite trends for this summer has got to be adorable flower crowns. We just love how they can instantly turn a regular summer sun dress into a bright and cheery outfit for a special occasion. With that in mind, we wanted to bridge the gap and make a small floral crown that could be worn anytime for any reason- a little sunny addition to your hair! So now that we have figured out how to make a fairy headband, we wanted to share this adorable craft with you!

We imagine that these adorable fairy crowns would be great both for playing dress up and for a fun romp through the forest! The beauty of a small floral headband is that it would look at home anywhere. This fairy headband will look beautiful as a floral wedding headband for a bride or flower girl, but it will look just as wonderful while you are watching Shakespeare in the park!

Supplies Needed to make Fairy Headband:

Step One:

Measure the size of your head and decide how much of your fairy headband you would like to make from the satin leaf garland The more garland you use, the less of the headband will have stretch, so you may have to make it slightly larger to accommodate. If you have further questions about sizing headbands, consult our blog post regarding headband measurements for a guideline.  Attach your 1/8 inch elastic to your satin leaf garland.  We think this headband is adorable as is, so if you would like to make an embellished vine headband, we recommend you wrap the seam between the elastic and the garland with a small tab of grosgrain ribbon to secure the ends in place. However, if you are adding embellishments the seams will be encased and secured in the next steps, so the ribbon is not necessary.

leaf vine headband

Step Two: 

Cut leaves from your felt circles, like below. We free handed the shape of our leaves, but you could draw your leaf shapes on a template first if you are concerned about the shape.

 make your own leaf headband

Step Three:

Lay one leaf below the seam where your elastic and garland meet. Secure in place with hot glue. Sandwich at least one more leaf over the seam and secure with hot glue to make sure that it is secure.  Add additional leaves for decoration if you would like more leaves to be the base of your flowers.
leaf headband diy leaf headband wedding
Step Four:

Add flowers and secure in place with hot glue. If you remove the center post of the camillas, it is possible to add adorable rhinestone decorations in place of the center- however the layers will need to be secured individually with hot glue to make sure they don’t pull apart.make ribbon flower headband

Repeat steps three and four on the other side to secure the seam. If you used a large flower on the first side you may wish to use a smaller flower on the other side for asymmetry. Optionally, you may wish to add a few more small flowers for more of an “all over” flower look on your fairy headband. It is entirely up to you!

fairy headband tutorialrose headband tutorialflower crown headband

flower crown headband

Now that you know how to make a DIY fairy crown, we hope you have a ton of fun fairy adventures this summer! Enjoy the upcoming warm days and fun in the sun!


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