How To Make A Fall Wreath


make autumn wreathThere is something special about the time of year when the leaves start to change and the air gets more of a chill. We love fall!! In preparation for hot cider and pumpkin spice season, we started looking around for fall decorating ideas. Nothing really says that your house is ready for the change of seasons like a homemade fall wreath for your front door! Our tutorial will show you How To Make a Fall Wreath without a wreath form!

We thought this technique was a fun new take on the entire idea of do it yourself wreath making. Wreath forms are useful if you want a big bold wreath for your front door, but sometimes you are looking for a smaller and more dainty effect. That is why we decided to use an embroidery hoop! They are available in a wide variety of sizes, and are inexpensive (or free, if you know any embroiderers who are looking to clean out some of their craft stash). This autumn wreath could be hung anywhere without taking up too much room- it could even be hung up in a window without blocking too much of the precious light as the days are getting shorter!



Supplies Needed for Homemade Fall Wreath:

how to make a fall wreath
Begin by securing your twine between the layers of the embroidery hoop. If you have a large embroidery hoop you might want to have an episode of your favorite show or podcast queued up, since the wrapping process can take a little while.  Wrapping tightly with one hand and holding it with the other worked well, but if you need to secure with an occasional dot of glue on the inside or back of the wreath that is no problem.
do it yourself wreath making do it yourself wreath ideas
Once you have finished wrapping with jute, tie or glue the end securely in place.
fall outdoor wreath
After your later of jute is complete, you can loosely wrap a second color of jute or bakers twine as a contrasting stripe of color for your fall wreath. Since we planned on covering up the shank of the embroidery hoop with flowers anyhow, we just ties the beginning and and of the embroidery twine to the top of the embroidery hoop.
fall wreath diy fall floral wreath
To securely place your fabric flowers, you will want to build up a base of felt circles first.  Arrange these on your wreath and glue them in place. If you are having trouble visualizing how many felt circles you will need, you may want to lay out your flowers before you start gluing anything in place.
fall wreath ideas
If you decide to use a fabric peony or ranunculus, you will achieve the best effect by pulling them apart first and removing the center, so that each layer of petals can be added individually.
diy fall decorations
One option with this style of flower is to glue each layer down and add a rhinestone embellishment to the center, which looks adorable. We decided to change it up a bit and fold the layers of petals to give more of a fall leaf look to our wreath.
ideas for making fall wreaths
Continue to add layers of flowers and glue, taking car to overlap in a way that allws you to secure each flower with plenty of glue.
diy yarn wreath
Once you are happy with your arrangement of flowers, add a bit of sparkle with a festive fall rhinestone slider. Your embellishment will lie best if the metal shank is removed from the back with a wire cutter or jewelry snip.  Once that has been removed, simply glue your embellishment in place.
diy autumn wreath homemade fall wreath ideas
We tied our wreath up with a bit more twine and secured it in place with a simple bow, although you could always hide this with another flower.
diy fall wreath ideas

Now that you have finished your handmade DIY wreath there is nothing to do but sit back, sip a pumpkin spice coffee and enjoy your festive fall decorations! We have enjoyed sharing how to make a fall wreath with you, and would love to hear about any fall festivities that you and your family may have planned. Tell us all about them in the comments below!


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