How to Make a Felt Flower Headband


diy felt flower headbandThere is something undeniably rewarding about designing your very own custom headband from beginning to end. You can be sure that no one will have the exact same headband, even if they started with the same supplies. You will supply your very own flair! One handy trick to have in your headband making arsenal is the knowledge of making your own fabric flowers. There are so many fun ways to create your own flowers, and they will all help your hair accessories be unique and personalized to you! So as you are learning How to Make a Felt Flower Headband, keep in mind that these techniques are all just ways to improve your headband making mojo!

Our DIY felt flower techniques today will build on previous tutorials we have already done, such as the rolled felt flowers  and the folded felt flowers. We added variety and texture to our headband by adding a selection of our premade flowers as well, but you could also build an even wider variety of flowers with our DIY circular felt flowers or the felt petal flower tutorial.  For todays tutorial we will build a felt flower headband, but handmade felt flowers are also a great addition to handmade hair clips and DIY Fabric Flower Bouquets.

Supplies Needed To Make Your Own Felt Flower Headband:

diy felt flowers no sew


Step One:
If you have made our rolled felt flowers before you will be familiar with the basic technique that we will be using to create our flowers, but by varying the style of cuts and the colors of the felt circles, you will create a felt flower with a completely different look. Start but cutting a spiral towards the center of the circle, then cut a fringe in the falt along the outside of the spiral. The size of your spiral and fringe do not need to be precise.
handmade felt headbands
Step Two:
Beginning from the outside of the spiral, begin to roll the felt circle up on itself.  Occasionally, secure your rolling with a small dot of glue towards the base of the flower.
 felt flower headbands
Step Three:
Continue to roll your felt spiral until you are near the end of your spiral. You can either glue the center of the spiral to the base as we have done below, or you can use another small circle of felt as your base, and keep your flower in place by attaching it to that with hot glue.
felt flower hair accessories
Step Four:
Once you have finished the center of your flower, select the outer petal color and begin a “wavy” spiral cut. You can either cut off the smooth round edges of the circle or leave them in place.  Remember, your begin rolling from the outside, so this would leave the first bit of rolling on your flower with smooth petals. Experiment a bit! Maybe you want your entire flower to have smooth petals instead of wavy? Play around with it!
felt flower headband tutorial
Step Five:
Secure the outside of your second felt circle to your felt flower center, and continue rolling as before, securing occasionally with a dot of hot glue.
  how to make felt flowers for baby headbands
Continue to roll your flower until you have reached the end of your spiral.
how to make felt hair flowers felt flowers for hair
Step Six:
If you would like your felt flower to have cute little green leaves, it is incredibly simple. Cut a green felt circle into quarters, then cut a slice up the center of each, stopping 2/3 of the way up. Overlap the inner corners of the leaf and secure with hot glue.
how make felt flower hair clips flower headbands for babies tutorial
Step Seven:
To assemble your headband, first select a backing. As you may know from other tutorials, we normally just use a plain felt circle as our backing. Since we had been playing with leaf shapes, today we cut our backing into the shape of a green leaf- but this detail won’t really be seen, so don’t fell that it is necessary. The backing stabilizes your headband and reinforces the seam of your elastic- it does not need to be decorative. Cut your elastic to size and secure to the faelt backing. If you have any questions about what size to make your headband, you can either copy an old headband that fits you well or consult our sizing headband blog post. Remember to allow an extra half an inch of elastic for overlap. We liked the look of two pieces of skinny elastic for our headband, but you could always use just one piece of thin or thick elastic. felt flower hair clips tutorial
Step Eight:
Add any extra deails now that you would like to use to add depth to your flower. We like the texture difference of the stamen or mullberry flowers to build up the base of our headbands, and have also really liked using silky puff flowers to build up a nice textural difference. If you have created leaves you can add them now as well. On top of your base layer, add your flower. Secure in place with plenty of glue.
  how to make felt hair flowers how to make felt flower hair clips
Once you have added your flower, finish with any rhinestone embellishments or other details that strink your fancy!
felt flower headband tutorial
We love the combination of the handmade aesthetic with the pretty polished look !
how to make felt flowers for baby headbandshow to make felt flower hair bows
Now that you are more familiar with how to make a felt flower headband, will you try your own take on this technique? You can customize your felt flower headbands for babies or adults, and be sure that they will be just the right size and color! Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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