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diy tassel keychain

You know how sometimes you have a “where have you been all my life” moment with a craft supply? That is exactly the response that our new bakers twine is getting. It is such a inexpensive and versatile craft supply- it seems like everywhere we look there is a new inspiration on how to use bakers twine! So we will dive in today with one of the simpler ways to use bakers twine that is still a whole lot of fun, a basic tutorial on How to Make a Tassel. Keep a look out for other future twine tutorials though- we can’t wait to show you even more fun and interesting ways to use bakers twine!

This tassel tutorial arose out of pure necessity , as some of our favorite projects often do. We had been getting quite the accumulation of spare keys, shed keys-  really, all sorts of other odds and end keys were finding their way onto our key rack. So I was looking for a simple, lightweight solution that could help me tell the keys apart without adding too much weight. This bakers twine tassel fit the bill, and has the benefit of a wide range of color options, with the added option of a customizable tie length. I really like being able to slide a spare key around my wrist (so it doesn’t get forgotten in a pocket) so I made the tassel cord long enough to wear as a bracelet.  If your tassel is going to be an everyday key ring you could definitely choose to shorten it. You could also make the tie at the end extra long, that way your tassel could be a wonderful DIY bookmark!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Tassel Keychain:

  • a spool of bakers twine
  • a scrap of cardboard to wrap twine around
  • scissors

tassel supplies

Step One:

First decide how large you would like your tassel to be, from the tie at the top to the fringe base. Double your desired size, plus add a half inch or so to this to allow for trimming the ends, and cut your scrap cardboard square to size.  We wanted a 2 inch tassel so our cardboard was just over 4.5 inches. Wrap the cardboard until the desired thickness is reached (for our 2-3 inch tassels we wrapped aprox 20 times- you may need more or less if your tassel is larger or smaller), and cut the end.

how to make a tassel how to make a fancy tassel

Step Two:

Slide your wrapped twine off the cardboard. Find the center of your twine bundle and tie a knot there with a new piece of twine. The ends of this knot will be part of the braid to hold your tassel, so make sure you leave plenty of twine for braiding.
how to make a tassel out of yarn how to make a bookmark tassel

Step Three:

Cut one more piece of twine to wrap the top of the tassel. Start about 1/3 of the way down, leaving a long tail to tuck under (this will become part of the tassel). Wrap at least 3 or four times and tie tightly in a knot, leaving long tails from the knot.
how to make a tassle how to tie a tassel

Step Four:

Take each tail from your knot and loop it around and under where you have wrapped the tassel. If you have wrapped very tightly you may need to use a pencil or crochet hook to push/pull the twine through.
how to make a tassel make your own tassel

Step Five:

Once both ends of your knot have been looped under and become part of the tassel, you will want to trim the uneven ends of the tassel. Turn the tassel over a few times as you trim to ensure you give the tassel an even haircut.
how to make a tassel with twine diy yarn tassel

Step Six:

Time to braid! Cut two pieces of twine to be twice the length of the “tails” that are hanging from your original knot. Thread them under the first knot, again using a poking stick or crochet hook if necessary.
diy twine keychain diy tassel keychain

Step Seven:

You should now have three threads on each side. Braid the three pieces of twine on each side until each side has reached half of your desired length. Secure the braids with a knot (together or separate, depending on how you intend to use your tassel).
how to make a tassel make a tassel keychain
If you plan on making a bookmark out of your tassel it could be nice to make the twine braids extra long, or even add a few more strings in to be braided.  Now that you have learned the basic of how to make a tassel, you know just how easy it is! Tassels look great in home decor on pillows, curtain tiebacks or on the backs of chair covers- but they are also a growing trend in fashion and jewelry accessories! Homemade tassels look great in one consistent color or with a mix of colored thread- just wrap a few shades of twine at once!


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