How to Make Adjustable Headbands


How to Make Adjustable Headbands

Ever wonder HOW to make headbands so your child can grow into them a bit? Or do you wear stretch headbands yourself and WISH that you could tighten them up for a workout, or loosen them up if you want to let your hair down? Well, we have the answer for you! Adjustable headbands (a.k.a Bra Strap Headbands)! Follow our easy instructions and we think you will find an amazing answer to your (or your customer’s) problems!


Any elastic

Bra slides, coordinating with your elastic size (we carry both 3/8th and 5/8th size!)


Lighter or heat source

Hot glue or Fabri Tac

Step 1: Start by cutting your elastic. We have found that 20 inches is a great “go to” size for all ages. If you are wanting something that fits a newborn-small child, you will want to go with around 18 inches. If you are looking for a more adult size, you may want to go up to 22 inches (at the most).

Step 2: Heat seal both ends of your elastic


Step 3: Take your double ring slider and run the end of one elastic through one opening of the slide.


Step 4: Loop the end of your elastic back through the other ring of the double ring slide.


Step 5. Leaving about a 0.5 inch “tail”, hot glue (or Fabri Tac) the tail to the back of the elastic. If you are using hot glue, it will dry almost instantly, if using a fabric glue, be careful not to pull too hard, it needs time to set.



Step 6: Run the other end of your elastic through the circle slide. Slide the circle onto the elastic (about to the middle of your piece)


Step 7: Take the same end you just put through the circle and loop it around to go through the double slide. (You will have a double layer of elastic on half your headband right now!)


Step 8: Go up and over the double slide, over the elastic that is already there, and run the tail back down the other half of the double slide.


Step 9: Pull your tail through the until you reach the circle slide in the middle of your elastic.

Step 10: Grab the circle slide and take your free tail and loop it through the circle slide.


Step 11: Leave about a 0.5 inch tail again and secure this down with hot glue or Fabric Tac again.


Step 12: Pull your slides just like a bra strap, and you have an adjustable headband!



With our cut of 20 inches, you can have anywhere from about a 14 inch headband to an 18 inch headband ALL IN ONE!



You can make these with glitter elastic (both 3/8th inch and 5/8th inch), fold over elastic, printed elastic, we even made a few with our one inch lace! Have fun experimenting with our instructions on how to make adjustable headbands!

Check out our video tutorial below if you’d like to see how to make a headband adjustable in action!



  1. thanks for the easy to follow instructions. my order arrived today with fold over elastic and these slides to I made one tonight. instead of using glue I zipped the elastic through the sewing machine on each end.
    very happy with my order! thanks again 🙂

  2. That is one of the most thorough tutorials I have seen! Thank you so much!
    I never thought about bra straps! That is genius!!
    Angela Butler

  3. Thanks so much for this tutorial, because I have to make my. Own headbands I have an extremely large head. So again THANKS


  4. Linda McKinney on

    What glue gun are you using? Did the stand come with it? I love how just a thin line of glue comes out at a time. By the way, great tutorial!

    • Thanks Linda, we have a variety of glue guns that we use here. Michael’s has a great selection and be sure to make sure that you get a temp you’re comfortable using:)

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