How To Make Adjustable Suspenders


how to make suspenders at homeWe are just in love with how easily an outfit can be transformed with the addition of some fun suspenders! It is not always easy to find the perfect pair to match an outfit, however, so now that we have figured out how to make adjustable suspenders we are over the moon! We love the look of glitter elastic for a pair of snazzy dress suspenders, but an eye-catching print can also be a fun way to update an every day outfit. Solid colored suspenders would also be the perfect way to help a ring bearer’s outfit tie into the color theme of a wedding.

We used our fold over stretch elastic to give these no-sew suspenders a bit more give, but we love that they are made adjustable with just a few simple pieces of hardware. This means that not only will they grow with your little one, but they are also more versatile. These DIY suspenders can be adjusted to be worn crossed across the back or straight down, depending on how long you adjust the elastic to be.

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Suspenders:

how to make adjustable suspenders

Step One:

To decide how much elastic to use for each suspender, measure from the waistline of your pants to your shoulder and multiply that by 3. Cut the elastic into pieces that are 1/3 and 2/3 of this length  (for example, if the distance from pant waist to shoulder is ten inches, you will need 30 inches of elastic for each suspender, but cut into a ten inch piece and a twenty inch piece.) Singe each end with a lighter or seal with hot glue to prevent fraying. Slide one end of your longer piece of elastic through the backside of the bra slider so that it goes over the bar and come out again in the back.

diy adjustable suspenders how to make suspenders for kids

Step Two:

Leave a half inch allowance, loop the elastic back on itself (wrong sides together) and use hot glue to secure in place.

how to make suspenders

Step Three:

Thread the loose end of your elastic through the circle loop that corresponds to your bra slider, and double the elastic back on itself, wrong sided together. Feed the elastic back through the bra slide from underneath again, so that it follows the first elastic over the center bar and again goes out the bottom of the bra slide on the opposite side.

how to make homemade suspenders diy adjustable suspenders

Step Four:

Loop the loose end of the elastic through the top of the suspender clip, going from the front to the back.

elastic suspender tutorial

Step Five:

Thread the loose end of your elastic through the second circular loop, and fold it back on itself until it reaches the first circle loop again. Thread the end of the elastic through the front of the first circular loop, securing the last half inch of elastic to itself with hot glue. The piece you have made will be the front portion of the suspenders, with the second circle loop acting as a connector to the back half of the suspenders.

diy elastic suspender

Step Six:

Feed one end of your short piece of elastic through the second loop of your ssuspender, making sure that the right side of the elastic is facing up on the same side as the top of the suspender clip. Secure the tail of the short piece of elastic to itself on the reverse side with hot glue.

adjustable suspender tutorial

Step Seven:

Feed the remaining loose end of your elastic through the fron of the top loop of your suspender clip. Fold the elastic back on itself and secure with hot glue.

make suspenders for kids

Step Eight:

Repeat for the second suspender to make a set.

make suspenders at home

We think these suspenders look great either worn straight from front to back or criss-crossed in the back.

diy suspenders

So now that you know how to make your own adjustable suspenders, we hope you take it and run with it. We are thinking that custom DIY  suspenders for each holiday with our holiday elastic would be adorable! Maybe even some 4th of July suspenders to complete a festive outfit? Let your imagination be your guide


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