How to Make Felt Flowers for Hair Clips


How to Make Felt Flowers

Crafts with Felt

5 Petal Felt circle with rhinestone button

How to make a Felt Flower


Felt circles in complementing colors

– (5) 1 inch felt circles (we used light pink)

– (5) 1.5 inch felt circles (we used hot pink)

Plastic Acrylic Button

Hot Glue

Lined Alligator Clip

Silly Grip

How to Make Felt Flowers


Apply a small amount of hot glue to the back of the 1 inch felt circle and slightly off-center it on the 1.5 inch felt circle. Continue this processes for the remaining 4 felt circle pairs.



Once you have 5 layered felt circles take one at a time and fold them in half, pinching at one end.


Use a very small drop of hot glue to secure just the bottom of the creased petal. Do this with all 5 felts circle petals.



Run your glue gun in between the petals (this is why we LOVE thin tipped glue guns! Perfect for detail work)



Continue gluing petals together in a circle.

The center of the flower may start to get bulky due to the folded felt in the middle, you can simply snip it off as you go.



When you get to the last petal, you should have a circle, like below.


Crafts with Felt

Glue a large plastic button to the center to hide the seams and give the flower some bling.

Attach to a hair clip or elastic to make a beautiful headband. We used another 1.5 inch felt circle to attach the clip to the back of the flower. Place your silly grip on the inside to ensure a tight hold in the hair.

How to Make a Felt Flower

With 18 felt circle colors and 6 sizes feel free to mix and match to make a truly one of a kind felt circle flower.

Crafts with Felt




  1. This is a really good way of making flower head clips out of felt, you can also use a needle and thread if you had no glue however it does take quite a bit of patience!!

  2. Thanks for the great “how to” with these flower clips! I just got my first glue gun and I’m eager to make some hair clips for my little girl. These look super easy, so I’m excited to try them out!

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