How to Use Fold Over Elastic


how to use fold over elasticIf you are wondering just how to use fold over elastic or what is fold over elastic exactly, you have found the right place. In our newest blog post we will address exactly what fold over elastic is and touch on just a few of the many ways you can use it!

Fold over elastic is simply stretchy elastic with a seam down the middle with one side being the finished, shiny side and the other side matte. Fold over elastic is used for many things including sewing finishes to our most popular way to use it: which is DIY headbands and hair ties. With 1/8th inch elastic, 3/8th inch elastic and 5/8th inch elastic available in solid colors, glitter, holiday, rhinestone and printed elastic we have every variety to suit your wants and needs.

DIY Hair ties: Now that we’ve established what is fold over elastic – let’s start with the most popular way to use it.  One trendy way to use fold over elastic is to make your own one-of-a-kind hair ties. With the option to buy elastic by the yard on our website, it gives you flexibility and allows you the opportunity to make an endless amount of your very own hair ties. We also have DIY hair tie kits which includes the perfect amount of elastic for you without any left over to go to waste. Click here for a video tutorial to watch step by step instructions and learn how to create your own hair ties.

DIY Hair Ties What is fold over elastic


DIY Bookmark Band: These handmade bookmarks are such an inexpensive and creative way to use fold over elastic. So if you have a quite a few inches of scrap elastic laying around or want to purchase some elastic for this project, the fun and useful result will be worth the minimal effort needed to craft such a simple yet beautiful bookmark. They work wonderfully for keeping your spot between two pages when wrapped around the cover of any hard or soft cover book as well as planners and more.

DIY Elastic Bookmark

The first step in creating your bookmark band is to measure out the height of your book, double that number, subtract 2-3 inches and cut the elastic to that length. In this case, my book was 8 inches long (8 x 2 = 16) so I cut my elastic to 14.

ways to use fold over elastic how to use fold over elastic

Then, wrap the ends of elastic together and hot glue or sew the ends to join them.

fold over elastic crafts how to use foe

If you wish to add a fun metal slider, make sure you do this prior to hot gluing the ends together. Otherwise, go ahead and glue those ends.

what is foe what is foe

If you haven’t already added a slider, or if you have and want to add even more embellishments or flowers, now is the time to hot glue those onto the fold over elastic band. You may also glue felt circles on the other/under side of the elastic in order to reinforce the hot glue to the embellishments and flourishes that you just added to the top side.

DIY elastic bookmark IMG_6724 DIY elastic bookmark DIY elastic bookmarkDIY elastic bookmark DIY elastic bookmark 

DIY elastic bookmark DIY elastic bookmark DIY elastic bookmark

All of the items used to create these three DIY bookmarks, or planner bands, and others can be found at our shop!

The left bookmark consists of 2 shabby chiffon flowers – 1 regular size and 1 mini flower, 1 mini sequin bow applique, 1 yard tie-dyed 5/8th inch elastic, and two 1.5 inch felt circles to go on the back.
The middle bookmark consists of just 1 yard 5/8th inch fold over elastic and one square rhinestone slider.
The right bookmark is made of 1 yard 5/8th inch rhinestone elastic, 1 marabou feather puff, 1 fish button and one 1.5 inch felt circle to reinforce the back side.


Create Your own Belt: How fun would it be to add your own custom personalized belt to your wardrobe or to your child’s outfit? After checking out these easy instructions, you will be able to do just that. Now if you can’t find that perfect shade of color to match or the right size in store, you can quickly just make your own. This DIY belt tutorial doesn’t get much more affordable or simple to make.

To show you a couple different options, we created two different belts for you using only supplies found in our shop – one using standard 5/8th inch fold over elastic and the other using our 1 inch lace elastic. The wonderful thing about these home crafted belts is that they both can easily be slipped on or off! The items in the photo below are grouped by which belt they belong to. The purple belt’s supplies are: 1 yard 5/8th inch elastic, 1 petite princess lace flower, 2 satin rosettes – one 1 inch and one 2 inch, and 2 felt circles.  The blue belt includes: 1 yard 1 inch stretch lace elastic, and 1 large double half circle metal ribbon slider.

DIY elastic belt

First, measure your waist (or the waist of whomever the belt is for) at approximately the height that the belt will sit and cut a strip of elastic to that measurement. If you are looking for a snugger fit, go ahead and cut 1 to 2 inches off that original measurement.

DIY elastic belt How to use fold over elastic

Next, grab a lighter and quickly singe the ends of the cut elastic to help prevent any future fraying.

DIY elastic belt DIY elastic belt

Add your double half circle metal ribbon slider onto the elastic to act as your belt buckle piece. (If you would rather add a flower, bow, beads, or any combination thereof skip adding the metal ribbon slider and move on to the next step.) Loop the elastic through the slider leaving about .5 inch extra. Add some hot glue to that part of the elastic on the back side and place the excess .5 inch elastic over to match up and join the glue 0n the remaining belt. This will make sure the glued seam is on the side that will not be seen. After one side is completed, make sure the lace elastic will loop without twisting before you hot glue the other side in the same fashion. This will assure a smooth belt all the way around and will make sure your lace has not twisted on you somewhere in the middle.

DIY elastic belt DIY elastic belt DIY elastic belt DIY elastic beltWhat is fold over elastic

And finally, hot glue or stitch the two ends of elastic together to create your finished belt. If you had added your metal ribbon slider, your DIY belt is now complete. If you waited to add your embellishments til now, that is the last step. So go ahead and hot glue any remaining pieces onto the elastic that you would like to include on your unique, homemade belt. In this case, we also added two 1.5 inch felt circles to help secure the hot glue to the added embellishments and give the belt a more finished look.

DIY elastic belt DIY elastic beltDIY elastic belt DIY elastic belt DIY elastic belt 


DIY Headbands: There are endless ways to create fun and different headbands. Some of those ways have already been featured on our blog in the past. If you are looking to make adjustable headbands for your baby or child to grow into then we have the perfect DIY tutorial for you. You can make these headbands with glitter elastic, fold over elastic, printed elastic, or even with our one inch elastic lace!

Adjustable Headband

We also have a simple step-by-step tutorial featuring interchangeable headbands which are great because they allow for some flexibility by changing out or adding accessories. By making a simple loop on the headband and clipping the embellishment right onto the elastic, this type of headband warrants some fun by letting you experiment with which type of flower, bow, or other fashion item you want to add to that loop.

Interchangeable DIY Headbands

Using our fold over elastic or elastic lace can give you  everything you need to create basic hair accessories or wild and crazy hair projects that are truly unique. Mix and match our elastic with any flowers, feathers, beads, or buttons when crafting your DIY headbands to add some extra personalization and flare. We also have headband measurements here on the blog, so you can know exactly how long to cut the stretch elastic for a perfect fitting headband every time!


Tuck Up and Cover Elastic Hairstyle: After you have finished creating your personalized DIY fold over elastic headband, you can follow along with these instructions on how to style your hair with your newly created headband.

Start by placing the headband on top of your hair, where it naturally sits on your head (Do not place the headband on the back of your neck under your hair – it must sit on top of the hair). If your headband slips, you could try our no slip silicone backed elastic or try starting with the headband forward, placed on your forehead, and then after you are done move the headband back in place. Then take small amounts of your hair and twist them back and up. Tuck them up and into the headband. The nice thing about this hairstyle is that you an make your hair as tight and clean or as loose and messy as you like! You may have to use a bobby pin or two to help secure your hair.

Continue to tuck up small amounts of hair into the headband. Once you are finished, make sure you check the back of your head for any stray hair and to make sure you have evenly covered the underlying headband. Finish with hair spray if needed.

How to use Elastic DIY hairstyle with elastic


The possibilities are never ending for how to use fold over elastic and with our wide varieties in every category we carry including solid colors, glitter, holiday, rhinestone and printed elastic we have everything you need to create hair accessories and craft projects that are truly one-of-a-kind. With our elastic being sold at wholesale prices, we also allow you to buy just what you need with either our elastic by the yard, in 5 yard increments, and even by the roll. We have just really started to scratch the surface with fold over elastic so check back often to see if you can find even more DIY ways to use this amazing, versatile product!



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