How to Wrap a Moby Wrap for Infants


Have you been wondering how to wrap a Moby Wrap? We just started carrying the Moby Wrap in our retail store and we are in love! If baby is comforted and our hands can still be free, it seems like there really is no downside!

We have  posted an instructional video tutorial demonstrating the Infant Wrap for the Moby. The infant wrap is a safe and secure way to wrap a newborn using a Moby Wrap. We go over how to wear your Moby Wrap, as well as how to remove baby from the Moby Wrap.

We hope you found this tutorial on using the Moby Wrap helpful. Do you use the Moby wrap?  Let us know if you have any tips to share on how to wrap a Moby Wrap- or let us know if there is anything you have been wondering about the Moby Wrap!


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