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Need an activity idea for a baby shower? At home with your newborn and want to embellish and decorate their onesies? Want to give a fun DIY gift to a friend at her baby shower? This simple tutorial will give you several great ideas on how to decorate a baby onesie. So no matter the party or occasion, you will find out just how easy DIY decorating a onesie can be! Follow these step by step instructions for a possible shower activity idea or at home craft onesie for your little one. Taking a traditional, plain white onesie, you are able to embellish with flat back pearls, rhinestones, appliques, felt circles, buttons, shabby flowers (plus other shabby shapes) and more!

Here are a few different ideas for embellishing a baby onesie:

IMG_3928 IMG_3936
And here are a few more examples of decorating Valentine’s Day onesies:

IMG_3942 IMG_3946

Supplies needed for the first purple pearl necklace baby onesie:

DIY onesie decorating baby shower

Step 1:

Lay out your template for your pearl necklace to find out how ‘long’ each string of pearls will be and where they will be placed along the baby onesie. We started with the largest, most outer, 14mm pearl necklace first. Taking one at a time, from where they are NOT glued down, add a large dab of hot glue to the back side and place back in the position you grabbed it from. Continue this until your entire string of flat back pearls is glued and secured down to your baby onesie. Then, repeat for the second row of smaller, 12mm pearls. And finally, glue down and secure the third, inner row, of the smallest flat back pearls.

DIY onesie decorating baby shower onesie baby shower ideas
onesie baby shower ideas baby onesie decorating

Be sure to add enough glue, and press down, on each individual pearl so that it will NOT come loose or fall off. Once you have secured your flat backs, if you wish to add another embellishment to your homemade decorated onesie, now is the time to do it. Here, we have added a single, beautiful, plum petite princess flower as a finishing touch to our decorated baby onesie! In the photo above, we switched out the tulle flower for a hot pink metallic bow applique. Either way looks absolutely adorable!

 DIY onesie decorating baby baby onesie decorating

Decorating a baby boy onesieFor the little boy’s baby onesie, we made a handsome little tie out of 14mm flat back rhinestones. To do this, simply follow similar steps as the decorating onesie idea shown above: lay out a template and one by one pick up each individual rhinestone, add a dab of hot glue, and press back down in place.

There are a total of 37 rhinestones used on this boy onesie. It is a 3-6 month old onesie, so depending on the size you are embellishing, you made need more or less rhinestones to better fit your tie onto the front. How handsome would your little one look in this flashy outfit?!


The Valentine’s Day onesie with the string of felt hearts were made simply by cutting hearts out of our 1.5 inch and 2 inch felt circles and then sewn on in a line across the onesie to look like a beautiful princess sash. The other Valentine’s Day themed onesie is decorated with one large shabby chiffon heart. To use this 4.75 inch heart, just trim off the excess mesh using a scissors, getting as close as you can to the heart without cutting it. Then, using a lighter, singe off the rest of the remaining mesh… just be careful not to get too close or you will burn your shabby! Then simply sew around the outline of your chiffon heart onto your baby onesie to finish decorating it.

valentines day onesie idea valentines day onesie idea

valentines day baby outfit ideaWon’t your newborn look adorable and LOVEABLE this holiday in this homemade outfit? Pair it with a pair of our red and white dot legwarmers, or any of our pairs of holiday legwarmers, together with a matching shabby headband (made from two regular shabby flowers along skinny elastic) and you will have a complete look from head to toe for your little one this Valentine’s Day!

With all of the DIY decorated onesies pictured here, you are able to hot glue or sew most any embellishment onto them! Imagine all the possibilities! Snowman for Christmas, eggs for Easter, shabby stars for the 4th of July, pumpkins and bats for Halloween! Turn any plain, solid colored onesie into a work of art by decorating it with all of these fun craft supplies. Mix and match colors, and other sizes of pearls, with the flat back pearl necklace onesie for new, updated looks for each day. Then add more or less flowers to any of the onesies for one-of-a-kind outfits. Bunch three flowers in the top by the shoulder, or take a row of flowers and add them along the edge of the neckline, make other new designs with pearls and other buttons, there are so many affordable, inexpensive ways to decorate your own onesies for baby showers or just for your own babies at home!


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