Introducing New Elastic Hair Ties!


Elastic Hair Ties

We are so excited to introduce our newest product to Sunshine Shoppe Supply – Pre made elastic hair ties.


Don’t have time to DIY? We will DIFY (do it for you!) Our elastic hair ties are sold individually, or in larger wholesale packs, great for events, fundraising, parties, and more (or maybe you are just a hoarder of hair ties? Fine by us!)

We have over 60 COLORS for our solid color elastic hair ties, and we are adding more and more every day – truly a rainbow of colors!


And we don’t mean to boast, but we think our assortment of patterned hair ties is pretty amazing!



For those needing HUGE quantities of hair ties, we have several wholesale and party packs available – all with the BEST assortment of colors, patterns and sparkle on the market today!




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