Knotted Teething Fabric Necklace


If you are looking for a fun, creative way to make a new jewelry fashion piece with beads, then look no further! This tutorial will show you how to make a fabric knotted necklace – that works great for babies, children, and adults! Why, you ask? Because for kids – it is a fun and fashionable DIY necklace, that they can help make! And it works awesome as a baby teething necklace, for mom to wear while she holds baby or just for baby to teeth on. As a current mom, or mommy-to-be, you may quickly find out that babies love to pull on and chew on anything you have around your neck – so why not make yourself a cute necklace accessory that makes it ok for baby to put in their mouth! Whether you want to use this knotted bead necklace as a teething necklace (or teething ring) for baby or a children’s fashion accessory piece, the best part about it is that you can simply wash it when it gets dirty!

Supplies needed:

Step 1:

Cut your fabric piece down to size.

DIY Knotted Fabric Teething Necklace DIY Knotted Fabric Teething Necklace

Step 2:

Fold the cut fabric in half, with the dull (not finished) side toward the outside. Then sew a line down the entire length of the fabric approximately 1/4th inch in. It will be inside out at this point. If you are using this necklace as a fabric teething ring, or teething necklace, for baby, you may way to sew another line at the 1/8th inch mark to make DOUBLE sure that everything is secure so that those beads will not come out and become a choking hazard.

knotted fabric necklace tutorial knotted fabric necklace tutorial
how to make a knotted necklace how to make a knotted necklace

Step 3:

Turn the fabric right side out. To help with this, you may want to take something long and skinny, like a pencil or pen, to help work the fabric to turn the fabric tube the correct way.

knotted bead necklace knotted bead necklace

Step 4:

Starting directly in the middle of the tube, or about 2 inches in from one end. Place a bead and tie a knot tightly on both sides of the bead. Make sure to get the knot as close, and as tight, as possible to the bead. Add another bead. Tie a knot. Repeat until all beads are used. We chose to start right in the middle with a larger 20mm bead and then added two more 20mm beads on each side of the center one. Then we added four smaller, 16mm beads on each side of the knotted fabric necklace. You could though start approximately 2 inches in from one end and go in order of beads that way – 4 small 16mm beads then 5 20mm beads and finally another 4 16mm beads to finish it out. You can do it either way!

knotted necklace diy knotted necklace diy
fabric teething necklacefabric teething necklace

Step 5:

Fold the ends of the fabric back inside the tube about 1/4th inch. Place your grosgrain ribbon in the middle and sew across to give your beaded jewelry necklace a nice, finished, un-frayed look where the ribbon meets the fabric.

Make a knotted fabric bead necklace Make a knotted fabric bead necklace

Step 6:

Taking a lighter, quickly singe the open ends of the ribbon to seal it. That way, the end of the ribbons, where the necklace will tie, will not fray either.

Make a knotted fabric bead necklace Knotted Bead Necklace
fabric-bead-knot-necklace-with-a-bow fabric-bead-knot-necklace-with-a-bow

That is it! You now have made your very own DIY fabric knotted bead necklace! If you wanted to make it into a teething ring, instead of a necklace you can wear, simply use less beads and create a smaller, circular ring for baby to teeth on. Super easy to make and super adorable with any style of fabric! This fabric bead teething necklace also makes great gifts at baby showers for future moms! Wear it short or wear it long, it will look great either way and baby is sure to love it. Kids also love the fabric necklace, especially when it matches their outfits! And as mentioned earlier, it is super easy to wash so it can stay clean for the little ones and the newborns.



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