Make Homemade Reindeer Antlers


reindeer antlers headband craftHappy Christmas in July! It shouldn’t come as any suprise that we will jump at any excuse to dress up and give handmade gifts- so while there are a few days left in July, we decided to seize this opportunity to make homemade reindeer antlers. This cute antler headband is a quick and easy way to whip up some fun holiday spirit quickly!

To complete your reindeer costume, we would simply use white face paint for a few fawn dots and a triangle of black face paint for your reindeer nose- or a bright red nose if you are dressing up as Rudolph of course! We think that this antler headband is cute with or without the entire deer costume- if you need a bit of extra holiday spirit you could always add some red and green Christmas themed flowers, a festive holiday slider or some holiday themed accessories!

Supplies needed to make homemade Reindeer Antlers:

reindeer antler headband
Step One:
First, choose what colors of ribbon or elastic you would like to use for your antlers and headband.  We used a few yards of brown grosgrain, and tan would also be a great reindeer antler color- though it really depends on your desired style of reindeer. If you want to make a pop art reindeer with neon pink and lime green antlers, then more power to you! You will also need to choose a style of headband. Your preferred width is the most important part, since you will finish it by wrapping in your choice of decorative ribbon or elastic. Use a jewelry snip to cut a section of wire. Fold the wire in half and wrap around your headband, winding a few more times to make sure it stays in place and has and antler shape.
how to make reindeer antlers for kids
Step Three:
Cut another small section of wire, and intertwine with the first to add more branches to your antler base. Repeat this until your antlers have achieved the shape that you desire. deer headband
Step Four:
Since the end of your ribbon by holding it just near enough to the flame from a lighter to melt the end slightly. This will prevent fraying. Use a dot of hot glue to secure the end of your ribbon under the band of your headband, where your antler wire is wrapped around the headband. Wrap your ribbon around the wire, securing with another dot of hot glue after every few wraps of the ribbon.
how to make reindeer antlers headband
Step Five:
Continue to wrap around your wire until you have finished, repeat on the other side.
reindeer antlers craft
Step Six:
Again, singe the end of your ribbon or elastic that you will use to wrap your headband. Secure with a dot of hot glue on the inside of your headband and wrap in a similar fashion to your antlers. Secure with a small dot of hot glue under every wrap or so of your ribbon. When you have reached the opposite end of the headband, singe the end before tucking it under the bottom of the headband and  secure in place with glue.
make homemade reindeer antlers
Enjoy your Christmas in July festivities!
easy christmas crafts for kids
Reindeer antlers are fun for kids to craft, as long as they receive a bit of help from an adult with the hot glue. We think that with some Christmas buttons or holiday elastic, this could be an especially festive holiday hair accessory! Let the holiday spirit carry you away- and if you do decide to make homemade reindeer antlers be sure to let us know! We love to see where your projects take you!



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