Make Your Own Baby Shower Bouquet


baby shower bouquet tutorialBaby showers have always been a fun way to get together, celebrate the new little bundle of joy, and shower that new mommy with love and gifts. With the growing tradition of gender reveal parties, this is quickly becoming an even bigger and more fun event- and we are all about it!  One fun way to incorporate your theme into your decorations is if you make your own baby shower bouquet. These DIY flower bouquet’s make a great gift or decoration for a baby shower or gender reveal party, and the flowers can be infinitely customized to suit your own personal style.

There are so many directions that you can take your baby shower decorations. Pink and  light blue are classic for a gender reveal party, though we also love the look of a more grown up “Mr. or Mrs.” gender reveal party in red and navy.  If you already know the gender or are keeping it a secret until later, the colors of your nursery could dictate the colors of your decorations- a yellow and green baby shower bouquet would be very cute. Whatever your theme is, we are sure to have some fabric flowers to match the theme of your bouquet.

Supplies Needed

  • An assortment of fabric flowers, making sure two have two of each style that match. Two packs of a color coordinating sample of flowers could be great for this.
  • color coordinating elastic (solid or print)
  • paper straws or thin dowels or sticks that have been painted or covered in decorative ribbon or elastic
  • rhinestone embellishments 
  • feather embellishments
  • hot glue                                                                                                                                                                                                 baby shower bouquet materials

Step 1:

First, gather a variety of flowers in your color scheme. For each stem, you will need two corresponding flowers. We also love the addition of rhinestones for a bit of fun sparkle, and feather puffs for a bit of pizzazz and height.

materials shower bouquet

Step 2:

Select two matching flowers. On the back of both flowers, cover the center with hot glue. Lay the paper straw or wooden dowel down on the back of one flower, then lay another flower on top so they have sandwiched the “stem” in between. This could also be accomplished with craft glue if you hold the flowers in place with clothespins while they dry.

baby shower bouquet ideas baby shower centerpieces baby shower flowers ideas

Step 3:

Once you have made a basic flower stem, repeat with another flower. This time we tried one of our lazy daises, which come with a cute rhinestone center- but this glitzy look could be accomplished with any fabric flower and a rhinestone embellishments 

baby shower decorations gender reveal centerpiece make baby shower bouquet

Step 4:

To add feathers into your floral bouquet, you will simply need to add a feather puff to the layers that you are sandwiching together to make a floral stem. Just remember to add enough hot glue to keep each layer in place!

diy centerpieces baby shower flowers baby shower centerpieces flowers

Step 5:

Continue making more flower stems of varying sizes until you have enough to make your bouquet or centerpiece. If you plan to use your floral bouquet as a centerpiece you can arrange the flowers in a vase or bowl of rocks as you go.

baby shower bouquet ideas

If you prefer to have your bouquet as a hand held floral arrangement, you will want to first cut the bottom of all the stems at an angle to make them more decorative. Grasp your flower stems in one hand and secure one end of your elastic to the center of a stem with hot glue. Wrap the stems a few times in elastic and secure again with hot glue. You can add more elastic to your DIY baby shower bouquet later if the arrangement needs it after you have arranged your flowers. Since there is some give to the elastic you should be able to move the flowers around until they are spaced in a way that looks balanced. Once the stems have been wrapped in elastic, you could add a decorative bow or other embellishment to the wrapped base, if desired.

baby shower bouquet ideas

We hope you will give this tutorial a try- it really is so easy to make your own DIY baby shower bouquet! You will end up with a fabulous gift or and impressive centerpiece that perfectly matches your theme!


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