Make Your Own Bat Headband


halloween headband DIY If you are looking for a last minute Halloween costume, or want to just don something a bit festive on your head and avoid the full body costume hassle, we have the perfect easy idea. With just a few simple materials you can quickly make your own bat headband to add just the right touch of spookiness to your Halloween outfit!

We added four flying bats to our headband, but you could easily add more or less depending on how spooky you felt like making your bat headband! That is the beauty of DIY Halloween accessories- you have the ability to customize your headpiece exactly to your taste! We could even see an argument for going all out and adding a miniature witch hat to your headband for your scary bats to circle!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Bat Headband

bat headband craft

Step One:
Decide how far above your head you would like your bats to hover, and snip off a piece of wire approximately twice this length, with a bit extra for wrapping. Wrap the wire around your headband at approximately the halfway point, then wrap the wire back around itself a few times to keep it in place. We intentionally left the wire ends uneven so that our bats would be “flying” at uneven heights.

bat headband craft for kids

Step Two:
Wrap the wire around the shank of your button a few times until it is secure at the end of your wire.
bat headband craft for kids
Repeat with another button on the other side of your wire.
bat headband craft
If you wish to add more bats, repeat the process by adding additional lengths of wires with buttons on each end.
bat headband craft for kids
If you are planning on adding an uneven number of bats, you will simply need to not double one of your wires, and take care that the end of the wire that is wrapped around the headband it looped back and secured in a way that it will not come loose and poke your scalp. Simply wrapping it up and twisting the wire above itself above the headband should be sufficient, but you could also wrap and glue a small piece of grosgrain ribbon around your wire to secure it in place.
making bat headband
After you have secured your bats in place, feel free to add embellishments! A bit of feathers attached to the headband would add even more of a spooky feel to your Halloween hair accessory! Let us know if you are feeling inspired to make your own bat headband! Would you make any changes? Or are you planning something entirely different for your DIY Halloween costume? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!


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