Make Your Own DIY Flower Crown


 Tutorial Floral CrownWhether you are having an outdoor wedding or headed to an outdoor concert or festival, DIY floral crowns are the dreamiest accessory we can think of. They walk the line between being down to earth and folksy, while still being a funky and stylish hair accessory. That is a hard balance to achieve, but you will do it with ease when you follow our simple tutorial to make your own flower crown.

The method for making a flower crown headband is really just the beginning. Once you have the method down, it is easy to let your imagination run wild! It is easy enough to make a DIY flower crown hair piece to go with an earthy outfit for a concert, but fabric flower crowns are beautiful enough for a bride, bridesmaid or flower girl in a wedding. The length of ribbon or elastic can be adjusted to fit any head, and the size of flower could be changed to suit a smaller head or for a more subtle flower crown.

Supplies Needed:

flower crown diy materials

Step 1:

Arrange felt circles together to cover the length of your forehead, or the same length that you will want your flowers. This will be the backing for your ribbon and fabric flowers. Secure the overlapping layers of felt with hot glue or fabric glue.

 Tutorial Flower Crown

Step 2:

Cut your ribbon or elastic to a lenth that will accomodate your head as well as enough room to tie a bow. Our elastic was one yard long, though you may want to cut it even longer if you would like your fabric crown to have flowy ribbon tails. Center over the felt circles and glue in place, right side up.

Flower Crown How to

Step 3:

The next layer of your fabric crown will be your leaves. We love the look of cutting grosgrain ribbon  or felt circles into leaf shapes but for our romantic fabric crown today we decided to use the petals of green peonies.  The first step is to pull the center out and remove the backing so that the layers of the flower can be used separately.

Flower Crown Make Your Own Fabric Flower Crown

Step 4:

Lay out the petals of the peony across the ribbon and felt circle until you have achieve an arrangement of leave that you like, then secure in place with glue.

Silk Flower Crown DIY

Step 5:

To use the peonies and the ranunculus, i wanted them to stay intact but lie flat, so I cut the flowers from the stems but left the backing and center in place, then arranged on the headband and secured with hot glue.

how to make a fake flower crown flower crown headband diy

Step 6:

At this time I added rhinestone embellishments, pearl embellishments, and resin rose beads. I played with the arrangement a bit before securing everything with hot glue.

 fake flower crown diy

Now all you need to do is tie in place and show it off!

DIY Floral Crown Headband

Depending on how heavy your crown is you may need a few bobby pins to keep it from sliding. We hope you try your hand and see just how easy it is to make your own flower crown, and have a blast showing off your lovely flowery handiwork! With a DIY flower crown on your head, the only other accessory you really need to enjoy your day in the sun is some sunscreen and a smile!



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