Make Your Own Hair Chain


 bridal hair accessories diyWe don’t know about you, but our summer calendar is quickly filling up with events that are requiring us to break out some of our classier outfits. Hooray! So as we don our finer wear, we turned our thoughts to new and interesting ways to dress up our hair accessories. One trend that seems to be appearing everywhere are fabulous hair chains and head pieces. We love the look of classy hair jewelry, but did not love the high prices we were seeing. We knew we had to figure out a way to make your own hair chain. It ended up being so simple and inexpensive, we might make custom hair accessories for every event this summer!

Hair chains are such a unique  hair accessory for a classy updo, and also look beautiful if your hair is down! It is the perfect DIY wedding hair accessory, beautiful enough for any blushing bride- but easy enough to wear that even if you are the party guest who is busting the wildest moves, you will not need to worry about your hairstyle coming loose!

Supplies need to make your own Hair Chain:


First, you will need to select a trim to compliment your style and wardrobe choice. We have a wide variety of rhinestone trim as well as beaded craft trim. No matter what your style is, you are sure to find something that will compliment your look.

Next, measure the space on your head where you would like your chain to lay.  Ours measured approximately 7 to 9 inches, but this will vary with where you choose to wear the chain. Once you have decided on the size, it helps to drape the trims in a curved shape to see if you like how they lay. Once you have decided on a pleasing pattern, affix the trim to your clip with E-6000. If you clip is small, it may help to affix your trim to a small piece of ribbon first, then secure the piece of ribbon to the clip with E-6000.  Last, add a beautiful metal button to each end with E-6000.

make your own hair chain hair chain diy
hair chain headpiece

The hardest part is probably the waiting! E-6000 needs to cure for 24 hours to be completely secure. While you have that E-6000 out, you can even whip up some beautiful matching DIY earrings!

bridal hair accessories diy hair chain headpiece
head chain headpiece how to make hair jewelry

With wedding season around the corner, we cannot wait to wear our unique hair accessories out for a fun dressy occasion! If you decide to make your own DIY hair chain as a  wedding hair accessory for another occasion, let us know! We would love to see what you came up with!


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