Make Your Own Holiday Wreath


Decorate your home this winter with a gorgeous DIY holiday Christmas wreath. This easy to make holiday wreath is sure to last for seasons to come and can be made with a variety of different elastic prints to fit any holiday throughout the year. Make your own wreath featuring the primary colors for a back to school theme, pinks and purples for a little girl’s bedroom, Halloween or fall colored elastic this autumn, Easter elastic this spring, and even bright summery prints or red, white and blue during the summer months. This DIY wreath even works great with scrap pieces of fabric, ribbon, or elastic that you may have laying around the house to create a unique look!

Make your own holiday wreath

Supplies needed:

  • 1 – Foam wreath (can be purchased at any local craft store for around $5.00)
  • 5/8th inch fold over elastic (we used 3 patterns at 7.5 yards each – red glitter elastic and 2 different types of Christmas elastic)

DIY holiday christmas wreath

The amount of elastic needed will depend on the size of wreath you purchased. For this specific wreath, we used a 12″ foam wreath and approximately 23 yards of elastic total, or about 7.5 yards of each different elastic to completely cover our wreath. You may need more or less depending on the diameter of your wreath.

Step 1

To cover your wreath, cut your elastic into 9 inch strips. This length allowed slight stretching around the wreath with about an inch of elastic left on each side of the knot to add some wispy flare. (If you want more or less elastic left after the knot, adjust the length of your strips accordingly.)

Step 2

Tie the elastic around the wreath. Knot it. Continue to repeat this process until the foam is entirely covered. (If you chose to use more than one pattern of elastic to wrap the wreath in, make sure you follow along closely in your desired pattern as you do not want to finish and realize you were off somewhere along the way.)

DIY holiday christmas wreath DIY holiday christmas wreath

Tip: Staggering the knots from side to side helps to keep the elastic closer and allows less foam to show through.

DIY holiday christmas wreath DIY holiday christmas wreath

Step 3

After you have finished covering the elastic, choose which side of the wreath you would like to showcase – the smooth side or the side with the knots. Then, if you would like, you can choose to embellish it a bit more!

DIY holiday christmas wreath DIY holiday christmas wreath

To add a bit more interest and pizazz to our DIY holiday wreath, we added three various Christmas colored chiffon blossom flowers, each with a different holiday ribbon slider acting as a beautiful and festive flower center. To do this, simply add a dab of hot glue directly onto the back of the flower and, using pressure, quickly place them wherever you would like onto the wreath.

Make your own holiday wreath Make your own holiday wreath Make your own holiday wreath Make your own holiday wreath

We hope you have enjoyed learning how to make your own holiday wreath! This Christmas wreath idea takes just minutes to create and can be great to hang up around the holidays or to give as a gift. Make it on your own, or recruit some of the younger family members to help you develop a fun pattern and tie on the elastic for family time.

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